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“If you don’t fall down, how will you rise up?” – Kshitij Pandey, CEO and Founder, ExcalTech in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media.

“You run your business. We make sure your business runs,” is the slogan of ExcalTech. Founded by Kshitij Pandey in 2017, Excalibur Technologies has established a reputation for providing businesses with “simple, reliable and powerful technology solutions to keep them ahead of their competition while reducing their costs.” Today, Startup Story Media will take you on a journey of resilience and success that comes from difficulties and positive attitude towards those difficulties.

Building a brand

Kshitij started his entrepreneurial journey in 2017 after quitting a well-paying job at Google to make a brand out of his own name and to work independently. When asked what prompted him to leave such a great job to start his own business, Kshitij tells Startup Story Media that while a job has a limited earning potential, a business has unlimited earning potential. “Moreover,” he says, “I never felt like I was doing a job. I felt like I was going to school.”

Kshitij always wanted to build his own brand and establish a network and name. He says, “I am my own brand and I always focus on building a brand out of my name.”

Kshitij had started ExcalTech as a consultancy firm and his first opportunity came to him in the form of an idea. He noticed the fact that Ghaziabad had many students and Gurgaon had many jobs to offer and decided to bridge this gap between students and the job. He soon started approaching colleges with an offer to get their students placed and eventually started organising placement camps in government colleges. Although it was a lot of hard work, this was the beginning of the success story which ExcalTech is today.

The drive and risks

Starting Excalibur Technologies wasn’t easy and Kshitij had his share of challenges and setbacks as well. The most difficult thing for him had been to convince his parents that he would be leaving a well-paying job to start his own venture. “I had to take a lot of risks,” he tells Startup Story Media. “At one point in time, I had literally hit the rock bottom and was very desperate. I had only 50-70 bucks in my pocket and I started looking for a job.”

But Kshitij didn’t let the hard times overcome his enthusiasm. He says, “I made myself understand that I have to give it another try just one more time. That kept me going, the drive.”

His drive to succeed and his dream to have his own business helped him overcome the challenges by identifying the problems. As he says, “I live by an ideology that if I have to solve a problem, then I have to figure out the element which is causing the problem and eliminate that element.”

ExcalTech – materialising the ideas

Kshitij tells Startup Story Media that the key to providing the best services to the customers is to be able to understand and replicate the ideas in their minds. He explains how ExcalTech is different from others, “We are different because we provide a lot of customisation options at a very low price.”

Kshitij says that unlike most other websites and graphic designers who provide templated work, he provides his clients with products specified for them. With an expert team of designers, ExcalTech provides its customers with unlimited customisation options. Apart from designs, Kshitij also provides services like marketing and event management. “I provide everything that comes under digital design. Then comes marketing, primarily digital marketing. The third thing that I do is event management,” he explains.

Kshitij explains that creating the best user experience comes from understanding the client and his/her needs. Moreover, he believes in delivering one-time work. As he explains, “I don’t charge them the monthly maintenance fee which others usually do. Mine is one-time work. Even after a year if the customer wants to renew their website, I only charge them what goes in domain hosting, not more than that.”

Future plans

Kshitij told Startup Story Media that he has been seed funding ExcalTech so far but no longer plans to do that and he will be looking for investors soon. He looks forward to incorporating his company soon in the coming months.

“I want someone experienced to invest in my company and I’m planning to do that by incorporating the company in the next few months. We already have an offer from the government of Gujarat. I’m looking forward to raising fundings real soon,” he explains.

Kshitih Pandey giving speech

A message for young entrepreneurs

“The only reason you are going to fail in life is that you think you are going to fail.”- Says Kshitij

When asked about the necessary leadership skills for success, Kshitij says that communication, understanding and listening are the most important skills to develop. He says, “You have to be patient, you have to listen, you have to think, you have to research and then you have to respond.”

He also emphasises the importance of communication, citing his own struggle to improve his communication skills over time. “Communication is a major element in uplifting an individual’s personality.”

He suggests that all the young entrepreneurs looking forward to making it big must move forward with planning, precision and consistency.

He says, “Do not stop. The only reason you are going to fail in life is that you think you are going to fail. If anyone else says that you are going to fail, then that’s not gonna happen. Planning, precision and being consistent is the key to success; and yes you can.”


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