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One should have a proper team, finance and have to start without thinking about getting failed”- Milind, Founder, Earnhance in an engaging and exclusive interview with Startup Story Media

How It All Began ?

In a conversation with Startup Story Media Milind talks about his journey towards becoming an entrepreneur and coming up with their startup i.e. Earnhance. The whole thing began with Milind’s previous ventures with bicycles in his first year of engineering, where he implemented certain features which received great success. After this he continued his ventures into different arenas with his prior experiences and learnings and that’s when he came up with the idea of Earnhance.

Why Entrepreneurship ?

Upon asking why entrepreneurship over any other corporate jobs in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media, Milind mentioned that from his senior secondary years only he was more interested in business rather than corporate jobs. Along with this as he was from a technological background he always wanted to explore this field more and do something productive for the people.

Earnhance team

About Earnhance

“The USP of Earnhance is basically investing”- Milind

Earnhance is a smart micro saving and personal saving platform for individuals like Millennials and Generation Z to achieve their financial goals.

How To Manage The Stress ?

During an interview session with Startup Story Media, when Milind was asked how he manages the stress and pressures that come with any kind of startups, he said from his very childhood the habit of doing meditation has helped him a lot to cope up with all kinds of stress.

Earnhance office

Piece Of Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“One should have a proper team, finance and have to start without thinking about getting failed”- Milind

According to Milind, aspiring entrepreneurs should not think about getting failed from the very beginning. They should take the first step with evaluating the amount of risk, wit proper team and finance.

Leadership Traits

“Look for a proper team to generate a revenue”- Milind

Upon asking about the leadership traits that are required in order to start something new, Milind mentioned about having the ability to choose a proper and a right team as in a long run that team is going to lead to the path of success.


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