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Bitola Industries | Leading With A Strong Team

“Successful business comes down to great teamwork.” – Rishabh Bitola, Managing Director of Bitola Industries.

“We started out with web designing and development under iNFOTYKE and later expanded it to server hosting and app development for android and iOS. As of now, we are also in the financial business that goes by the name of Bitola Capital under which we provide insurance, loans and investment,” explains Rishabh Bitola in a conversation with Startup Story Media.

While we have all faced challenges, there are very few who don’t just survive these challenges but grow through them. A person of extremely cheerful nature and optimistic outlook towards life, Rishabh had to grow many personal and financial struggles before reaching the heights that he has reached today. Before successfully establishing iNFOTYKE and Bitola Industries, Rishabh had to struggle with not just finance, but also the faces that having physically challenged.

The inspiration

Talking to the Startup Story Media, Rishabh tells us how the inspiration first came to him in the library of his college. While reading India Today back in 2006, he came across an article on Divyank Turakhia which completely captivated him.

Rishabh says, “It wasn’t the business or money which attracted me but the passion that a person can have for something. I thought to myself that if he can do it, then why not me? Challenging everything is in my DNA and I wanted to challenge myself.”

At that time a student of the polytechnic, Rishabh was already struggling with many issues that ranged from a dysfunctional family and financial stress to physical challenges. Coming from a small village and going through such struggle never dampened his spirits and he struggled on to grow out of his problems.

Establishing own business

Rishabh told Startup Story Media that in order to realise his dreams and gain more education, he took an education loan for doing BTech. As soon as his BTech was completed, he started doing a job to pay off the loan while also freelancing in his free time to collect more money. He started upgrading his skills, educating himself more and more.

“With freelancing, I had enough money to quit my job and not just pay off the loans but also start my own business,” Rishabh explains. He soon started iNFOTYKE and as his business grew, he established and expanded Bitola Industries. “We have a good customer base right now and everything is running smoothly. Business is going in the right direction.”

Rishabh says that customer satisfaction is something which he considers an important factor in sustaining good business. “Customer satisfaction depends on two things – one is a problem, another is the solution. So if I’m creating software, there are going to be some bugs, quite naturally. But if bugs are not being solved, that’s the main problem. So we have dedicated a support portal for our existing customers and we provide them with premium support.”

Being a team player is the key

When asked first what’s the best way to keep a business growing, Rishabh told Startup Story Media that there is no unique formula, it’s rather a combination of good leadership, technology and knowledge. “It all comes down to teamwork in the end,” he says.

And how to create a good team? Rishabh did give us a formula for that. He says, “In reality, a simple formula for a good team is rewarding. Rewards are not just given in the form of salary, but also in form of a simple sorry or thank-you. You should make sure that your team feels like they belong here.”

He further says, “There should be communication to improve those problems which are holding someone back from giving their best. So we should always communicate our problem. The kind of attitude where you believe you will find another good employee easily just doesn’t work in creating the ideal team.”

Rishabh Bitola founder Bitola Industries

A message – take care of your health

Rishabh told Startup Story Media that his message to young entrepreneurs is to take care of their health first and foremost. “I’m not gonna tell you that your first priority should be business – it’s always going to be health. Because if your mind and body are in a good form, then only you will be able to do any business.”

Rishabh says that a good leader is someone who is knowledgeable – you can’t lead your team if your knowledge about what you do is limited.

So what makes a good leader? One who doesn’t try to be one. Rishabh says, “First of all, we should save ourselves from ego. If we start thinking that we are a leader in a higher position, then that is a problem. You should always think that you are a part of the team. If you are part of the team and you are doing your best, then you are automatically a good leader.”


  1. Awesome.. Rishabh you have been an inspiration to many. It has always been great pleasure to collaborate with you.

    • Thanks Sachin Bhai. Its all possible because of great contacts in my phone book… like you people who uplift and motivate. I am happy to have you as my best buddy. Love from Rishabh.

  2. After a long time I got a great piece of reading. Its not easy to take such risk in career choice. You’re champ!.
    – Mansi Shukla, IIMK 2019

  3. Great initiative.. Fabulous work.. People says that hope is a waking dream but you are the ray of Hope. I am so glad I have a friend like you. Have Fun!!

  4. Many many congratulations Rishabh… Still remember those hostel days… You are so kind and helpful person..

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