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“There shouldn’t be a dream that do not let you sleep”- Janmejay Mohapatra, Co- Founder, Ajatus Software in an engaging and exclusive interview with

Startup Story Media


Coming from a technological background Janmajey and his friend Girish thought to come up with some idea that they are both good at unlike advertisements which they both were previously focusing on. And this was the time when Ajatus Software came into the limelight. The idea behind Ajatus Software was to build a product basically on bootstrap and in the year 2014, the organization got registered.

With a team of 50 to 60 expertise, Ajatus Software is dedicated towards preparing a software application, mobile application, cloud application. Along with this few services that Ajatus Software provide are free of charge for established organizations and other startup companies which they can explore as a platform.

Why Entrepreneurship ?

Upon asking why entrepreneurship over any other corporate jobs in an exclusive interview with StartUp Story Media, Janmajey mentioned that there was nothing pre-decided about coming up with a startup and leaving his prior corporate jobs. He credited his co-founder as he was the one who came up with the idea of Ajatus Software and he joined with a thought to explore a new arena.

He added that his prior experiences in various corporate jobs helped him with a lot of things that are required in a startup, starting from working in teams, decision making.

What Makes Ajatus Different ?

“The product is developed and designed based on our nature, every small day to day problem’s solution key it is”- Janmajey Mohapatra

The concept that Janmajey and his team came up with was to suit their own needs and build for their purposes and thus the advantage of using this app is that it’s not built keeping in mind any profit. Along with this Janmejay says that the features that are added to it are to solve day to day problems.

Reviews And Feedbacks

Upon asking about the customer reviews and feedback that Ajatus Software received, co-founder Janmejay says that they have made their product available free of cost for their customers and till now the feedbacks are good enough. He also added that one of the reasons for making their product free for the users is to welcome modifications that the users will come up while using their product.

Challenges Faced During The Journey

“Challenges were mostly on the operational side”- Janmejay Mohapatra

In an interview with Startup Story Media, Janmejay expressed the challenges that he faced while coming with the product and the startup as a whole. He said that there was a lack of experience and a proper ecosystem that are very much required to start a company. He also added that there was also lack of guidance or a right platform from where they could have sought proper guidance or knowledge.

Currently Janmejay and his team are facing a new challenge of managing and holding on to resources. But like all other previous hurdles which Ajatus Software overcomed, Janmejay is confident that they will soon figure it out and overcome this and the other upcoming challenges.

Piece Of Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“A team with different perspective and enough cash to for 2 years for a good idea to survive ”- Janmejay Malhotra

According to Janmejay aspiring entrepreneurs should spend some of their time in different organizations to gain necessary experiences and insights required for Startups. Apart from this Janmejay emphasised on getting some prior advice from genuine people and choosing a team with different perspectives that helps in the growth of a company. He also added by mentioning that if one is willing to start his or her business then they should have enough cash in hand to survive at least for 2 years alongside with one’s idea.

Much Needed Leadership Qualities

“There shouldn’t be a dream that do not let you sleep”- Janmejay Mohapatra

To start something of your own is to give time to yourself,your ideas and your company according to Janmejay when asked by Startup Story Media in an exclusive interview. He concluded by mentioning that time management is one of the most important needs in a startup.


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