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“Our goal is to help billions not to earn billions”, Sidharth Sharma, Harshul and Shourya, Co- founders, The Societal.

In an interview with Startup Story media, the Co-founders of Societal, initially a T-shirt company which transformed into a Youth marketing company and is still in the growing phase adding more industries and services to it engaged in a light hearted but engrossing interview with our interviewer.

The journey of Co-founding ‘Societal’

The Co-founders of Societal, Sidharth, Harshul and Shourya came together years ago while they were still undergraduates in Symbiosis.

“Trust and teamwork has been the secure way to ensure success”.

This is the affirmation as they told Startup story media is what helped them to coordinate over the years and the legacy continues as they include new people to their team. Having been together on the organizing committee, back in their college days they reminisced, organizing various events and handling the college campaigns working both online and offline The trust and camaraderie they enjoy together is something that runs back years.

“Societal is the befitting piece of the jigsaw puzzle in the life of the artists”

The co- founders are full- time employed but their shared “love for art” inspired them to build a platform that could support growing artists. Sidharth who completed his post-graduation from London runs his family business alongside working with Societal, Shourya is a Tax consultant and an MBA and Harshul is an analyst. “Societal” was built with the enthusiasm for art and they insure to add passion and trust in both their personal and professional lives. From organizing events back in College to launching “Societal” in 2017 they journeyed a long way together.

Societal logo

“Societal”, a community of its own

When asked by Startup story media about how Societal came into being and what is the idea behind the name. The founders said that it was a community in itself, ‘it is for the society and by the society”.

This name is something people can readily relate to, they have a community for all kinds of influencers or artists to showcase their talents. To them every story is special, so is every project and they want to ensure that people have a platform to be heard and so their motive is to work with everyone they can extend their support to.

While currently they are focusing on Societal entertainment, a community on instagram they provide a lot of other services too including digital solutions, media and PR, studios etc. Primarily, they work with influencers giving them back-end and front-end support. On being asked how do they do it? By the Startup Story media interviewer, they said that micro influencers are so busy creating content that they hardly find the time to market themselves and that is where Societal comes in! Taking this burden off their heads and providing them marketing services, adding values to the work of these influencers.

What is in store for the future?

“Like every other Startup we wish to go big but just so that everyone who needs us knows us”

The founders assured the Startup story media interviewer that they had “big plans” when asked about where they saw the company going in the future. In the past three months the company has thrived, this has been a major transition period and they have been able to achieve more than they did in three years! They are trying to be more resourceful and trying to add value to the work of influencers.

They are planning on getting bigger and expanding and are adding employees every month, currently they are a team of thirty people including editors, digital creators, writers, video editors and executives. And because they have received an overwhelming response having worked with some really good influencers they are also planning on raising funds which wasn’t their plan initially but now they want to extend as much support as possible and so they shall expand.

Reviews and feedback is the best form of payment ‘Societal’ receives!

On being asked by Startup Story media about the kind of reviews and feedback they receive the founders said that they have received immense support and some readily known influencers from instagram including Leena Bhushan and the list goes on…

This is the best part of their job, when one of their influencers does well. It makes them feel accomplished. Currently, they provide most of their services for free because they believe that their influencers deserve these services. This is against their principles. And despite limited resources they have done quite exceptionally.

They also work on any new ideas they receive and any kind of other insights they receive. They are continuously improving and growing.

Challenges faced

No challenge has been big enough to discourage them so far, as recounted by the Startup story media interviewer. In the beginning, we faced some financial problems, “having big dreams and big plans”, finances were not feasible as said by the founders. Initially, they had to resort to any kind of work they got including covering events, weddings, digital marketing etc.

They always kept a positive attitude and never said No! All the payment received is invested in the company itself and now they are working out a plan so that they could earn mutual benefits.

Founders message

Message for the readers and word of advice for fellow entrepreneurs!

Business mantras that kept them going were trust and a “can do” attitude. They have had coordination that has built strongly over the years. They have focused on adding value to the artists and influencers who will work with them. And one message that they wish that reaches their readers is the attitude to “take action, rather than waiting and stressing out. After an idea or plan strikes one needs to work on it and bring it out in the world.”


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