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“Specially crafted cab experience for individuals & businesses, customizable in nature according to budget, status quo, and preferences, making your personal or business travel a delightful cab riding experience, enriched with class-leading hospitality”- Dhruvam Thaker, Founder, The SMART Taxi in an engaging and exclusive interview with Startup Story Media


From an embedded interest in automobiles which was constantly drawing Dhruvam’s attention ignited in him to explore more into this arena and come up with some unique ideas. As Dhruvam’s family was more government job oriented, he did not have the slightest idea of taking up some different road and become an entrepreneur.

Completing his engineering course while working in a corporate company for five years, Dhruvam used to travel often as it is one of his hobbies and it was the time he found that things were not alike of what customers are paying for a cab. That was the moment when Dhruvam thought of introducing something parallel with good hospitality like any other five star hotel and hence the idea of ‘The SMART Taxi’.


Brought up with certain values and ethics which were getting compromised into the corporate arena for 8 years leading to Dhruvam’s dissatisfaction, he thought to start something of his own where he can inculcate all his learnings and ethics. Along with this his experiences in various cabs run by unorganized people where there was no time management, punctuality and professionalism. All these triggered him to come up with an idea that will be both qualitative and organized.

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“The SMART Taxi aims at providing personal experience with more reliability”- Dhruvam Thaker

Upon asking about the authentic thing that sets apart The SMART Taxi from other similar organizations in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media, Dhruvam mentioned that with their mission of City roaming or outstation journey, The SMART Taxi offer the most qualitative and unique cab experience, by keeping the highest professionalism and customer-centric approach. Along with this The SMART Taxi was the first to provide EMI rentals and assistance for senior citizens which resides with the idea of personal touch or personalization provided by the organization.

“The SMART Taxi is a specially crafted cab experience for individuals & businesses, customizable in nature according to budget, status quo, and preferences, making your personal or business travel a delightful cab riding experience, enriched with class-leading hospitality” added by Dhruvam in the course of the interview.

Dhruvam stated that The SMART Taxi is not an app and thus can be booked in simple 3 ways via call, whatsaap and email details of which are on website of The Smart Taxi.


When asked how they manage the pressure and stress which comes up with any startup in an interview organised by Startup Story Media, Dhruvam said that there are seven members in total who are actively working as a team and managing almost everything in The SMART Taxi. Along with this they have extended hands in many areas which work for the organisation as per requirements.


“We don’t have to market ourselves much, our customers do that with the personal experience we provide to them”- Dhruvam Thaker

On asking about the reviews and feedback The SMART Taxi is receiving, Dhruvam stated that till now they are getting overwhelming reviews from their clients and their trust and cooperation is what is leading to their company’s growth.

“In order to get raw reviews from the customers I myself become the driver and personally ask them about their reviews”- Dhruvam Thaker surprisingly mentioned during the session with Startup Story Media

He added that with the period of crisis where Covid had almost stopped people from travelling and many corporate transportation services were facing serious loss, The SMART Taxi found its new dimension which not only benefited them but also provided safe journey to their customers, where their customer got a qualitative ride along with government implemented covid protocols fully maintained from both the sides.

Teaching the smart taxi


Leading to a market which is very price conscious and discount oriented the first challenge faced by The SMART Taxi was to project themselves differently from other already existing companies in the market and convincing customers about the quality of the service which is worth a premium price.

“We failed in multiple strategies but ultimately made through with all the trust our customers have on us”- Dhruvam Thaker

The second challenge faced by the organization was the availability of cabs but they also overcame that obstacle with one or two major car rental partners in all cities who collaborated with The SMART Taxi and helped them choose calmly and professionally.

Started in 2016, with just one cab from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Today we are a network of more than 920 cabs, spread across 42 cities in India, serving MNCs and well known corporate conglomerates”- Dhruvam Thaker


Upon asking for some business mantras which can be followed by upcoming entrepreneurs, Dhruvam advised to start with whatever minimum one has in his or her hand. He added that success doesn’t come in one day so one needs to keep going with their passion and need to have faith in themselves.

“Keep customers as your focus, respect and value your co-workers, think from a humanistic perspective,” added Dhruvam along with a vision for a long term and not for a shorter purpose.


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