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Story Behind SriSatymev

Ever heard the popular phrase, “You become what you eat”? Think about it. In a massively polluted environment like ours, where we fight with issues like artificiality of fruits and vegetables, a sense of insecurity about the quality of raw material we use and above all the impending fright of increase in the number of diseases one can be affected by, we are always left asking a question, “What is it that we’re really putting into our bodies”?

Where chemically infested products have taken control of our lives, from the very moment we wake up and brush our teeth to the immunity enhancing allopathic medicines we have developed a habit of taking during these COVID times, it becomes imperative to introspect if we’ve gone astray from the very nature we were born in the lap of.

With the ascent in people’s inclination towards “seemingly fast” medication, SriSatymev is an organization that via its products, has been trying to instate the value of gradual and long term remedies by making people understand, embrace and believe in Ayurveda.

Values Behind SriSatymev

SriSatymev believes in staying closely connected with nature and the roots of Indian culture. Their absolutely herbal and natural products are based on the ingredients and processes found in the ancient texts of India as well as extensive research that collaborates different needs of different bodies.

According to Abhishek Mittal, the founder of SriSatymev, Naturopathy and Ayurveda are the two foundation stones of his company that he’d started along with his twin brother Abhinav.

From Where It All Starts

A few years ago, Abhinav got seriously ill with Typhoid, Dengue and blood infection due to accidental consumption of chemical colors during Holi and no other medium of medication could help revive his health. All hope seemed lost until Abhinav decided to turn to nature for help and try Ayurvedic and natural means to get back on track. And it worked.

After realizing how amazingly Ayurveda and Naturopathy helped alleviate the pain and suffering caused by such severe diseases that usually are expected to be cured by Allopathic medicines, the Mittal brothers’ trust and faith in nature was founded anew.

And that’s when they decided to build a start-up that helped people discover and aptly utilize the true bounty of nature. SriSatymev’s core values voice the significance of uncompromised quality over anything else.

They also aim to eradicate the prevailing myths about Ayurveda and Naturopathy, one of which is that these two can be memorized. Abhishek says, “People think that Ayurveda can be memorized and I think that’s the biggest myth about it.” As per him, Ayurveda and Naturopathy are a way of life, a lifestyle for that matter. It’s not something that could be learnt by heart. All one can do is try to understand it and most of all have faith in it.

When asked why he chose to create Ayurvedic products, he revealed that Ayurveda brings him closer to the nature and mother Earth. It helps him get in touch with Indian ancestral ways of life and curing. Also via SriSatymev he wishes to strongly bring back the culture that is on the verge of slowly fading away. He explained that the more naturally we try to mold ourselves the better it is, because ultimately we came from nature and our bodies will react the best to it and with it.

SriSatymev keeps quality above everything else. In a market full of companies aiming to reach new heights with their profits, SriSatymev focuses primarily on serving their clients with pure, real and unadulterated quality products. They want people to incorporate Naturpoathy in their daily lives and depend more on natural ways. “We wouldn’t need expensive multivitamins pills and capsules if we’d only use basic Ayurvedic things”, says Abhishek.

“Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu”, is the motto of SriSatymev, which literally means ‘Let Everyone Be Happy” in Sanskrit. When asked how they were helping people in being happy via their products, Abhishek expressed that helping people cure ailments that had been troubling them for long, aiding them in living a healthy life that too through a pocket friendly and side-effect free manner is how they are wishing people well and are contributing in their happiness.

A start-up in health and wellness is definitely a noble initiative on its own and the fact that it’s successful says a lot about the hard work that must have been put in the earlier stages of the operation. He stated that expecting a start-up to be like a 9 to 5 thing isn’t going to help. Hours on end are needed to be spent to come up with something lucrative.


As per Abhishek the secret to their start-up is the all-encompassing and wide research that they have endeavored to apply along with common knowledge. He explained, “We must not worry about the fruit. If we start with the roots, the fruit will be bound to follow.”

Every new initiative comes with an inevitable side of risk. When asked about common start-up risks in the sector of health and wellness that he came across, Abhishek mentioned branding, finance, investments and registering trademarks as a couple of them.

The most gigantic of risks as per him was winning the trust and faith of the customers. He said that with the variety that’s available in the market and the disbelief people have in Ayurveda’s slow working methods, it was really necessary to build a relationship of trust with the prospective customers of SriSatymev.

During all these years of being a health and wellness provider, Abhishek learnt that the world is inherently connected to nature. If nature has created a poison it has definitely also created the antidote, all we need to do is have patience and faith to find it. He mentioned that Allopathy is just the stem of the plant, whereas Ayurveda is like the roots. And the main source is always the most effective.

Vision For Future

Finally, Abhishek voiced that Ayurveda is a concept that needs a lot of exploration. It’s a treasure that has yet to be discovered. We have got to lessen the use of chemicals and try to completely stop it. “Connect your body with nature”, he said. And that’s exactly what SriSatymev is all about; A pure, real and absolutely natural solution to the unavoidably chemical and sedentary ways of life.



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