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“Lockdown helped in the exceptional rise of small businesses” – Aastha and Srishti

“It’s hard to work remotely, but we have been trying our best and we are doing it. But since I’ve always loved art, I wanted to pursue it as a career,” say Aastha and Srishti Co-founders Ode Stationery in a conversation with Startup Story Media.

Amidst the prolonged period of lockdown where many people faced personal as well as professional loss, many small companies or startups found their own medium and exposure to a wide variety of opportunities. This phase helped them to learn and grow individually as well as collectively as an organization. Journey of Srishti and Aastha of Ode stationery is one of the examples of such an encouraging and insightful journey.

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A flair for art

When asked about their motivation for starting their own business, Aastha and Srishti tell Startup Story Media that coming from a business background they were always enthusiastic about starting their own business organization. Though both of them are in their undergraduate courses where young minds are prone towards corporate jobs, they thought to explore the world of designing and marketing.

“Being from an arts background inspired us to think beyond,” they say. From having designing and fine arts as their hobby and both of them always being creative individuals, they wanted to pursue that as a career.

Exploring minimalism

Ode stationery stands out from the crowd through their motive of building minimally and through their bend of minds towards simplicity,” they tell Startup Story Media. Unlike other organizations they try to provide a more modern, simple and aesthetic outlook to their products. And they add up detailing by focusing on packaging and branding, keeping in mind the basic essentials of their customers.

Learning through challenges

Starting their organization in 2019 both of the creative minds faced a lot of challenges. Firstly they were not as well versed with both the fields of designing and marketing. Secondly they both were trying to balance their studies and their startup business.

“One of the major obstacles we faced in the beginning was learning how to use the programmes and softwares associated with designing,” they tell Startup Story Media. But as per the proverb goes, practice makes a man/woman perfect. Both of them with rigorous practice and with their unshakable determination overcame all the obstacles that came across their way towards their journey.

Ode Stationary

Created with you, for you

Ode stationery is growing day by day with all the trusts their clients and other big companies are having on them. With all their support and investments they trust and have confidence on the quality of the products the organization will give them in return. Thus maintaining an equilibrium and growing together.

When asked what their focus is, Aastha and Srishti tell Startup Story Media that Ode stationary is currently moving forward with their motive and focus on Created With You, For You. “Our primary focus is the satisfaction of our customers. Each of our designs are specifically made to fit the client’s sense of aesthetics,” they say.

A message – think out of the box!

When asked what would be their message to the young entrepreneurs looking forward to starting their own ventures, Aastha and Srishti told Startup Story Media that if one is willing to think and work outside the box, then the only possible way is to take risks.

Alongside having faith in oneself and going with the passion one is looking forward to building his or her career on. “Most of the miracles occur at the most unexpected turns of life,” they say.


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