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Nutripanda | Your Stop For Healthy & Guilt-free Snacks

“Healthy food shouldn’t be something that is costly and only available to the upper class.” – Nimish Batra, Founder of Nutripanda

“Nutripanda is committed to the mission of making snacks healthy. We provide a gateway to the world of guilt-free snacking. So, anybody who wants to have food that is tasty and healthy both, they can have our snacks,” says Nimish Batra, founder of Nutripanda in conversation with Startup Story Media.

The option of guilt-free snacking

While we all have been at that point in our lives where we couldn’t control our urge to indulge in unhealthy snacking. Nimish used this experience to make snacking healthy.

Having stayed in a college hostel for a long time, he has personally seen students consuming junk food late at night. He tells Startup Story Media how this inspired him to start Nutripanda.

“I have stayed in college for two years and I have noticed that students struggle to find quality snacks to curb their midnight cravings. There were food joints in college but they were full of junk snacks and often this could lead to various health problems. So realising how damaging these snacks could be to our lifestyle and health, I ideated this model,” he says.

Once he was sure about what he wanted to do, Nimish took the help of his father to come up with a business model that would work and finally, Nutripanda was born.


Inspiration for the journey

Starting Nutripanda has not just been about good food and good price, it has also been about Nimish’s own outlook on entrepreneurship. Having seen his father run his own wealth management company for 23 years, entrepreneurship has always been on his mind. Talking about his journey as an entrepreneur, he tells Startup Story Media how he has learnt from college and his father.

“Since childhood, I’ve seen my father who is running his own wealth management company since 23 years. I always looked up to him and wanted to start something of my own. After getting into college I joined a club called the ‘Entrepreneurship Cell’. I’ve stayed with them for 3 years and currently, I am the director of finance in the Cell. Most of the things about entrepreneurship, theoretically, I’ve learnt from them and most practical knowledge has come from my dad’,” he says.

Nimish further adds, “At the end of the day, I’m doing something that I’m liking and I’m doing something for myself and I’m not working hard to fill someone else’s pockets.”

Shaping up Nutripanda – production & distribution

Nutripanda has been worked on pretty well by Nimish and his team and just like every other startup, this one had its highs and lows too.

He tells Startup Story Media about the very first issue that he had to face as an entrepreneur. “Since our company was born at a time at which the pandemic was at its peak, it became especially challenging for us to manage the logistics and day-to-day operations of the company. It was disheartening to see all sorts of unnecessary delay in simple yet essential tasks. It tested our grit and resilience at every step. Looking back at it, I feel proud of how we overcame these challenges.”

Telling us the story of product selection, he reveals how their goal had been to provide snacks with a certain limited number of calories and which would contribute more towards good cholesterol. He says, “It took about 15 days to prepare the samples and then they were sent for nutritional value testing. So we had in our minds that there would be a certain maximum amount of calories that our snacks would be having and all we wanted was that our snacks should contribute towards good cholesterol.”

With 18-20 delivery partners, Nutripanda delivers pan India to over 27,000 pin codes. As of now, they have 10 consistent products that they are selling and they add 4 new products every month.

Marketing & user experience

Nimish says that he values customer experience and reviews very much and always makes sure he takes their feedback after delivering a product. He also tells Startup Story Media that most reviews so far have been pretty excellent. “So after the orders have been delivered, we send a personal message to all our customers asking how their experience was and to rate us. As of now, we haven’t seen one review which was below 4 on a scale of 5,” he says.

To market their products well, Nimish provides free snack on every first and sometimes second order. He says, “If some people are ordering only a single snack for just tasting out, so even then we are rolling out free snacks on every order. As the order value increases, we give out more free snacks.” Other than this special ‘free snacks’ way of introducing more of his products to clients, founder says they also use platforms like Instagram and other digital marketing tactics. “Right now our primary focus is just this, make our customers happy and make a good reputation in the market. We want the customers to come back, as most of them have been coming back,” he says.

Message for other entrepreneurs

He tells Startup Story Media that for any entrepreneur starting out, it’s important to be well aware and sure of both his idea and skillsets. “I would say that be sure of your idea and be sure of your skillset as well. So the major part comes when you are selecting a team and you have to know what your team members’ best skills are, as well as yours.”

To be a good leader, founder suggests being informal and friendly with your team is important. “If you are starting out, do not have any kind of formality around the company. Don’t be too formal with your team and treat them as your friends. Everyone is moving towards the same goal, so don’t be bossy at all. People make mistakes the same way we founders do.”

In the end, Nimish gives his best business mantra: “In any business focus maximum on customer interaction; second, don’t overcharge your customers for anything you’re providing and third, take customer reviews very seriously. So if there are some negative reviews, take the time to talk to them.”


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