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Focusing well on the issues and creating right things works well for everyone as it determines reality in the working lifestyle”, says Ridhima Arora, founder of Namhya Foods, in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media.

Nowadays people are working hard to make themselves financially fit in the 21st century while working hard day and night to make themselves financially fit people have forgotten that “health is wealth” and forget to work on their diet which makes them physically unfit in this race. Ridhima Arora is helping people to find different ways to make food nutritious with proper diets.

Founder of namhya foods

Eat Up, Clean Up: Vision of Namhya Foods

Ridhima understands the hard-working schedule of people that have changed eating habits, where they have completely forgotten the ways to keep themselves physically strong and fit. And given this, she founded Namhya foods which heal the body and diseases with its natural products. The Ayurveda work and the herb related work was first started by the grandfather of Ridhima in 1937, so being grown up in an environment of Ayurveda and herbs, she knew the terms of ingredients and had learned various ways to eat and stay healthy.

Healthy and Nutritional Food Be The Medicine

In conversation with Startup Story Media, Ridhima shared the starting journey of Namhya Foods where she decided to provide people knowledge of healthy and nutritious food products without using any preservatives and hidden food products so that they can maintain their health properly and make up her mind that she will not take any imported food.

“Ayurveda told people that whatever you eat has to be grown and has to be from a local region because if we eat the food which is imported from a distant place, the energy of the food goes down and is no more nutritious for health”, says Ridhima Arora.

Namhya Food’s idea was to promote and support the local farms, local ingredients, and its products with no preservatives, sugars, and hidden stuff. Ridhima Arora, changed her diet and adopted living a healthy lifestyle when she gained weight.

Namhya Foods vision for Healthy Food and Healthy Mind

Ridhima Arora told Startup Story Media that when her father became ill she realized that all people around her need to learn about the food industry and with the idea of promoting the food industry with Ayurveda, Ridhima founded Namhya Foods.

She also speaks about one conventional category of Namhya Foods which is all about generic food products. In India only 60% of the people have breakfast, the rest are not having and if they have, that is not healthy for them, says the founder of Namhya Foods.

With the idea of making everyone health-conscious with healthy and nutritious products, Namhya Foods are still finding ways to skill up the business across the globe as the customers are happy and coming again to Namhya Foods for healthy and nutritious diet tips.

The team of Namhya Foods is working for the right serving of the products across the world as the quality of products has worked well for them, says the founder.

Ridhima arrora

Message for Young People

People should lead their path and I am leading my path without being a part of the race. Ridhima believes and said that life and work are not a race against other people so we should stop comparing ourselves and our work life with others.


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