Kahin To Hansi Ho | In Conversation with DCP Jitendra Mani Tripathi, Delhi Police

DCP Jitendra Mani Tripathi tells us the story of a little boy from the state of Uttar Pradesh with a dream to serve as a civil servant who went on to become the DCP of Delhi Metro Unit.

Mani, a young boy was always inclined towards civil services. After completing his primary education he went on to live with his uncle who was a PCS officer. He immediately idealized him and decided then and there that he’d become a civil servant just like his uncle.

He completed his higher secondary education from Gorakhpur and got an M.A in Political Science from Allahabad University. Right after that he took the UPSC exam and got selected in the police forces.

With an adamant will and unwavering focus towards his aim, Mani became a civil servant just like he always dreamed. Now, he is the well-known Jitendra Mani Tripathi, DCP of Delhi Metro Unit.


DCP Tripathi reveals that the most important thing he learned during 18+ years of his service is that Nature is Supreme. While being stuck in the midst of the Andaman Tsunami, he expresses that he realized that “Life is transient. People make plans years and years ahead. And just one wave, a single wave can wash them all away and turn them to nothing”. He said that the biggest lesson in life is to say as simple and exclusive of material desires as possible because in front of nature, even the richest of men don’t stand a chance.

“Police is usually blamed by the public. The citizens have got to have a little more humane approach towards us because we are trying our best”, said DCP Tripathi when asked about the hardships a police officer faces on a daily basis. He also voiced the fact that the personal professional balance is the most problematic for police officers to maintain. He expressed how many children don’t get to see their police officer parents for days and on festivals and holidays because they are out there on the streets doing their duty. Many personal tasks are kept at bay to provide primary attention to the public matters. “The toughest thing,” said DCP Tripathi with a smile on his face, “is to keep our families happy while regarding our duties with highest priority”.

DCP Tripathi is a repository of creative ideas and has a gifted ability to seamlessly put thoughts into words. He is a true motivator and leader and has extensive knowledge of police affairs and crime handling. He is the sort of person who could be counted on for guidance and support.

There was always an artistic side to DCP Tripathi. He loved poetry. Ever since he entered university he found himself in midst of a love for literature and that’s when he started to pour his sentiments, feelings and tales of sacrifice through rhymes and onto the paper. He is also the author of the blog “ManiKiDiary” where in he writes his poetry driven by his personal feelings and sentiments.

DCP Tripathi dedicated a poem collection to his wife. The name of the book is “Mani ki Kiran”, Kiran being his late wife’s name. The beautifully named book is a mesmerizing collection of poems about emotions, sentiments, impressions and ways of thinking.

During his wife was battling cancer, DCP Tripathi would visit the hospital. While waiting outside he’d notice a few kids with no conveniences or facilities to provide them comfort. After he saw a smile spread across the kids’ faces right after a stranger gave them toffees, he realized how he could bring about happiness by the smallest of endeavors. That’s when he decided to create another masterpiece of a poem collection by the name of “Kahin to Hansi Ho”.

The poem collection is an initiative of DCP Tripathi’s to bring about happiness in the lives of the less fortunate kids. Hence, a part of the financial proceedings from the earnings of the book “Kahin to Hansi Ho” would be donated for the aid of such kids with a hope of providing them with some kind of comfort and most of all a sense of happiness and joy.

DCP Tripathi is the epitome of what a person can do if they mix artistic inclinations with pure hard work and dedication with the motive of doing good. A great mentor, an amazing poet and a reflection of excellence, DCP Jitendra Mani Tripathi , in the truest sense of the word, is an inspiration.


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