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When the world was struggling with COVID-19’s repercussions, and the Lock down had many people restricted within 4 walls, that’s when Harshal, a 21 year old and the only MBA grad from his village had his light bulb moment to embark on a new venture.

Harshal realized that the Pandemic had thrashed the Internship opportunities for students really hard and thus many couldn’t even find internships in good corporate because they were firing their existing staff. The chances seemed slim. Harshal felt the hardships of students and identified this situation as an opportunity for creating a student-centric platform that catered to the internship and job related needs of students. That’s when InternIn came into being.

InternIn stands tall with a commitment to providing outstanding internship opportunities with an aim of enhancing the education journey of students. Their vision is to create a company that acts as a magnet for discovered and undiscovered talent. An organization with a unique culture that aims to foster professional and personal growth that contributes in building world leaders. InternIn works on the primary goal of placing the right person at the right place in the right corporate. “Great companies always need great people and InternIn is working on that”, said Fuse.

Harshal Fuse Founder-InternIn
Harshal Fuse Founder-InternIn

InternIn, a family of over 65 thousand students from PAN India/Nigeria/Canada/Australia charges Zero fee from students and corporate and aspires to do this as a Service for the nation and society. This amazingly uncommon approach has gained Harshal, the founder of InternIn, the title of “Entrepreneur”.
InternIn extensively works on providing good Internship posting , on their portal, corporates can provide job/internship openings on social media platforms. For smooth functioning of this facility they have collaborated with colleges across the country and feature every job opening directly to students matching the internship/job descriptions.

This helps in increasing the chances of conversion, while reducing time of hiring. “Currently we are pre-inclined towards Internships only for b-schools, but very soon we will be open to every domain and field”, said Harshal, when asked about the current and future plans of InternIn.
Every student out on their first internship/job search realizes that without a cover letter the process is incomplete. Keeping that in mind, InternIn focuses on dispensing a helping hand in internships applications as well by assisting students with well-written applications that highlight relevant skills and experience that make students look like the best fit for the role. They also assist in defining goals for applying for the job.
InternIn is a portal that aids students in easily applying through and connecting with reputed organizations and helps students reach their dream land. They help students reduce the time and efforts with the appropriate process in the very first attempt. And an additional benefit of developing relevant skills and getting guidance from professionally trained recruiters.

Partners InternIn
Partners InternIn

A resume is often an employer’s first impression of the candidate. Naturally, everyone would want to make a good one. Today, many employers use job search websites to look for potential candidates. Not only does the resume need to look good for employers, but it also needs to include certain words and phrases so it appears in search. They provide separate resume building programs to students who are planning on applying for internships.
As a talent acquisition partner, InternIn’s prime focus is to provide the right candidate to the right corporate. With respect to this, they shortlist resumes on various measures, ensuring that crisply related resumes find their way to the relevant corporates.
Harshal revealed,“Unlike other companies and partners we don’t run resumes through applications/tools for shortlisting . Since we are directly connected to universities we guarantee to provide the right kind of talent to the right kind of corporate”.
Harshal Fuse who is also an entrepreneur with a substantial experience in Marketing and who also was the Chief Marketing Officer at Calco, always says,“Success is never an accident ; It is always the result of intelligent efforts “, is one of the few who dream to build a student oriented start-up and accomplish it successfully.
Successfully keeping their primary goal in mind, InternIn has included more than 1350 students in the company and has furnished over 750 internships to students via their platform in just a matter of 4 months. Now if this isn’t life changing, what is?


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