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“Patience is the key to running a successful business. It might take a little time, but your dream will take shape tremendously well.” – Keshav Jain, cofounder, Fresh and Organic Delivery

“We started Fresh and Organic Delivery four months ago. The idea behind the startup was to connect farmers directly to the consumers for any and every deliverable – this was the first motto,” says Keshav Jain, co-founder of Fresh and Organic Delivery in conversation with Startup Story Media.

The idea of genuinely organic products

While eating fresh and healthy is on everyone’s list, not everyone is able to achieve this goal – and this is where Fresh and Organic Delivery comes in.

A Delhi-based startup, Fresh and Organic Delivery started its journey just four months ago and they are already flying high in the market because of their high-quality products. As the name suggests, they deliver fresh and organic gourmet and grocery products pan India.

The founders of the startup, Nikita Bhandari and Keshav Jain started this journey with an intention to provide genuinely organic products and operate in the market with complete transparency. Keshav tells Startup Story Media that in order to make the procedure completely transparent, they will be viewing live the farms from where the fruits and vegetables are sourced.

He explains his plans, “We are giving assurance that our deliveries are organic – people can go to live checking sessions. By the end of February, we will be launching our app and then soon people can have a live view of the farm where the vegetables and fruits are growing on the app and website. They can access all the experiments that are happening without any fertilisers or chemicals.”

Working with own ideas

Fresh and Organic Delivery is a bootstrapped company with 57 working employees and lots of plans for the future. “Right now we are coming up with very new and huge ideas in the market. We are coming up with another idea for a live baking session on the website and mobile application which is accessible to all free of cost. Other than that we will also be giving work to household ladies,” he tells Startup Story Media

With so many ideas and initiatives in mind, Keshav says that he can not afford to have any other stakeholders at the moment. He says, “We are not looking for investors because right now we are running with our mind and when you bring in stakeholders and shareholders into the picture then you will have to run according to their mind. Maybe after some years, I will be comfortable bringing in other stakeholders and investors, but not at the moment.”


Customer Experience

Fresh and Organic Delivery focuses mainly on the target customer from middle class to upper-middle-class and hence sometimes have to face the challenges with the high pricing of their products. “It becomes a little challenging to make a consumer understand what we are delivering, at what cost we are delivering and what is the exact meaning of the product but probably with time, we will be able to do it,” he tells Startup Story Media.

Apart from delivering their best, they also have to make sure that grievances of customers are always taken into account. Keshav tells, “Customer experience has been great – I’m not saying this just because it’s my brand, but genuinely the feedback that I’m getting from the customers is very great. Our primary focus is that every product should be of high quality – no compromises with quality.”

Future Plans and competition

Dreaming big isn’t always easy but Keshav decided that he will not only dream big but make it possible as well. With a passion for business and guts to touch the sky, he tells us that he sees companies like Amazon, Big Bazaar and V-Mart as his biggest competitors out there.

With an effort to break through the glass ceiling, he and his co-founder have been putting in all the hard work that they can. He tells Startup Story Media, “I see myself as the second Amazon coming up in the Indian market for the food market and if you talk about offline stores, I will say V-mart and Big Bazaar. Right now we are introducing new products that are not available in the market. Second, we are introducing products from those brands that are not available on Big Bazar, V-Mart or Reliance mart. We are trying our level best to come up to at least 20-30 percent of Amazon in the upcoming 5 years.”

Motivation and passion

Keshav says that he never saw himself doing a corporate job, the thought never crossed his mind because he had always occupied his mind with the idea of running a successful business.

He tells Startup Story Media, “My luxuries, my standard living, how do I see myself in ten years, what options do I see for my own family and myself – these are the motivations for me. My own father is my idol because I’ve been seeing him for the last 45 years – morning 6 to 12 midnight he’s occupied with all the work. So this is the motivation level that you get if you see a person work like that.”

And burning midnight oil for his passion never tired him much. He says that since this is something that he always wanted to do, he enjoys every single minute of the work.

Message to aspiring entrepreneurs

In his message to aspiring entrepreneurs, Keshav tells Startup Story Media, “Patience is the key to success.  It might take a little time, but your dream will take shape tremendously well. But every startup that wants the financial status to raise within a month – that wouldn’t happen. If you want to have success in the future then you have to put in hard work for at least 2-5 years in a new startup and you have to wait and you will have to wait for the results and it will one day change into success.”


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