Feed The Souls | A Heartfelt Initiative of Providing Meals

“You don’t have to really work towards doing something. If something is destined to happen will happen anyhow. And all of us have some or the other hidden passion, the potential to reach the apex.”- Payal, Founder of Feed The Souls in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media. 

Payal born and brought up in Delhi, after completing her education enrolled herself in a corporate job and now a mother of two and a complete homemaker, cane up with the idea of providing home cooked meals to the people who cannot even afford to eat properly once a day. Being a home chef herself Payal thought she can initiate something same during the lockdown and feed the underprivileged people.

“Earlier it was me who was into this initiative now I have a kitchen which is completely run by women. We are in total 5 who are cooking for 7 to 8 hours daily and pack all the items before the distribution takes place in the evening”-Payal 

Payal also shared with Startup Story Media that this idea came into her mind when she recollected her childhood days where on any special occasion in her family, her mother used to make food and get them to distribute among the needy. During the lockdown she observed that there are many people who are actually struggling to sustain. And that was the time when Payal thought to come up with an initiative Feed The Souls.

“This is something we have seen in our family and beside that my passion for cooking altogether pushed me to come up with something of my own. Moreover we don’t need a special day for providing food to the poor people.”-Payal


Feed The Souls: Collectively working for a social cause 

“Feed The Souls is a very heartfelt initiative where I keep a track and personally look after each and every distribution.”- Payal 

According to Payal her initiative is working at grassroot level where they try to help the underprivileged people by giving them food. For them they also welcome people outside their organisation if they are willing to help and distribute food through their medium.

“We try and cover people whom are homeless, mostly who are under the flyovers and the ones who are living in small clusters around Delhi”- Payal tells Startup Story Media

Payal enlightened during the conversation that they believe in collective working where they encourage people to distribute food among the people on any special occasions and in turn connect with a social cause.

“I mainly try to encourage people by showing the kind of work we do. I visit a slum area to distribute food among the people and even people from different places request us to distribute food packets on their behalf and we go to those places they want us to go and help.”-Payal

Payal added that her aim is not just to give food for the sake of giving, she wants the people to have a meal that they can relish in their upcoming years, a meal which is nutritious and comes from a heart which really wants to help the poor. She believes that the action of helping should collaborate with providing dignity and respect to those people beside providing them with quality food.

Challenges faced during the journey

Initially for them understanding basic things, the flow of work, small nuisances were a great challenge and lockdown became an obstacle for the same. Payal added that at the beginning they didn’t even have access to the food trays that they are now using.

“We used to take all the cooked meals in our own utensils and then distribute but slowly with our growth into this field we came in contact with various sources and got to know about few items that can be used to ease the process of distribution.”-Payal 

Along with this during lockdown they were unable to go directly to a place to help by serving food. They had to go through some processes and get permission from the authorities which lead to delay in their sourcing. But with time and post lockdown their pace increased and now they through their work are able to reach out to many people.

Along with this Payal feels motivated whenever she gets to see so many people who are waiting for her cooked food to get delivered.

“When you see how much people value that one plate of food and their smile on the face is more than enough to get motivated to work for a good cause”-Payal 

Message from the Founder 

“Little by little, day by day 

What is yours will find it’s way. 

So hold on tight, tie your seat belts and get ready to take the flight .”- Payal


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