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“Failure is the break we get to learn more. Without failure, we can’t learn.” -Moosa Fazil, CEO, Fazil’s Creations

“We are a creative and digital company capable of providing fully synchronized solutions which include branding, web design, marketing and software & print,” says Moosa Fazil, CEO of Mangalore based Fazil’s Creations (a venture of Fc Global) in a conversation with Startup Story Media.

Starting out as a sapling

While starting is always the hardest part of any journey, the creative streak and talent never let this become a problem for Fazil who started his journey when he was as young as in tenth grade. Currently pursuing his BBA from St. Aloysius College, Fazil has always been creative, ever since his childhood. After founding Fazil’s Creations at the age of 15, it wasn’t long before he rose to fame.

Fazil tells Startup Story Media, “I taught myself many things and started this company with zero investments. It was mostly word-of-mouth which kept getting me more work.”

Today he provides his services to clients from not only India but also Japan, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Australia. He provides his clients with fully synchronized branding solutions. His services include Website Design and Development, Interactive Electronic Media and Social Media Marketing with Creative Art Work.

Fazil’s Creations is also coming up with robust ERP software, fcERP which will be focused on solving the problem of managing business enterprise with a robust software developed especially for their international clients. This will serve them in the trading, contracting, rental, real estate, manufacturing and inspection sector.


Working hard, with discipline

Fazil believes both in working hard and working smart, without blaming the situation for your problems. He himself makes sure that he follows a disciplined life and keeping that in mind, wakes up at 4 every morning and starts his day as early as possible.

Fazil tells Startup Story Media that he is named Moosa after his grandfather who was a scrap merchant famous for his philanthropy. “Business runs in my family, so I believe I have inherited this knack for doing business,” he says.

As of now, Fazil’s Creations has just been shortlisted by the Bangalore based Siliconindia Magazine for 10 Most Promising Creative Advertising Agencies 2021.

And he is also going to launch his own online shopping website fckart.in by the end of February 2021.


Message to all

Fazil says that not losing hope is very important for anyone who is starting out as a young entrepreneur. Recalling his own encounters with failure, he told Startup Story Media about the time he had opened a small cafe which he had to shut down after three months because of location.

“Do not lose hope, because the good thing is yet to come,” he says. “Working smart is essential to success, more than working hard is. Consider the current situation. Since the pandemic is going on, you have to adjust and change your ways. This is the perfect time for businesses to go digital. This can be your time to learn.”

“Success doesn’t come in one night, you have to work hard for it. We should not just work hard, but also work smart to multitask in a day. If we are on the right path and doing business in a lawful way, God will surely help us on this journey,” Fazil tells Startup Story Media.

He also suggests applying theoretical knowledge in a practical situation to learn and develop your talents more because it’s always the practice that makes perfect. “Think out of the box, try to explore yourself; your talents, ideas and bring them into practice.”


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