Engineers Parcel | Building Transparency In Delivery Services

“Focus on the current scenario and the current problems of the local people and try to find a solution from your end and implement according to the needs”- Subham Sawarnkar, Co-Founder Of Engineers Parcel in an Exclusive interview with Startup Story Media.

Subham Sawarnkar a post graduate student from IIT ISM Dhanbad with a strong motive always wanted to start something of his own, though he wasn’t sure in what particular field he wanted to start. But during the pandemic when everything got shut down all of a sudden and hostels and colleges got closed, many left their valuables in hostels and moved to their hometowns. Similarly Subham’s friend left few of his important documents and asked him to collect them and deliver them to his home.

“For him travelling back to college and collecting those documents wasn’t easy and he insisted on me. Though the time was not favorable to go out of the house because of the increased rate of Corona, I took all the necessary measures, went to hostel and within 15 days delivered him all the necessary materials.”- Subham

After this successful venture Subham started to receive more and more requests from his friends for the same. Observing the growing demand and current need Subham along with few of his college and close friends formed a team. In course of time, he spent eight golden months working with current Co-founder Sabir Raza, Rajeev Sharma, and Aditya. And built a support system to deliver all the necessary documents to their owner in a professional manner and thus the initiation of Engineers Parcel.

Engineers Parcel: Building transparency in delivery service

Engineers Parcel is a student run agency that provides on demand hyperloop delivery services 24×7 in one state that is Jharkhand currently, where they firstly go through an enquiry process through google forms followed by an authorization process where they build a customer support system. In order to eradicate the problem of mixing up things and to maintain transparency they conduct conference video calls.

“We collaborated with some good courier services and kept the price reasonable. Through video calls we are trying to maintain transparency between us and our customers.”- Subham

Subham added during the interview session with Startup Story Media that they even provide customized packaging services as there are many confidential and valuable documents that need extra security. Along with this they also provide services to the places where courier services cannot reach by personally delivering the items.

“Till now we have provided services to 100+ customers, covered various colleges and 2500+ kg products delivered all across the country.”- Subham

According to Subham, Engineers Parcel’s vision is to develop superfast on-demand hyperloop delivery services for Tier 2 and Tier 3. That brings every offline store in Jharkhand to the online world. To make order-delivery easy and fast their system works in both online as well as offline and customers get dual experience.

Trust is the key to grow

When asked about the customer feedback and their reviews on their services, Subham tells that their customers are quite overwhelmed with the method they have adapted by creating transparency and maintaining trust through video calling and tracking.

“We got 50+ reviews and mostly stated that Engineers Parcel is building trust as we are dealing with each customer through video call and we track almost everything till the items reach their owners.”-Subham

Along with this Subham added that they are not at all focusing on the amount they are getting. They are oriented towards building trust with their clients and that is how they are growing bit by bit.


Challenges Faced

Being a startup the first challenge for Engineers Parcel was to build an efficient team that can work focusing on the motive of the organization. Another problem was to negotiate with other small businesses and tie up with them. But gradually Subham stated that they are creating awareness and motivating local businesses to tie up with them by analyzing the market.

Founder’s Message

“Focus on the current scenario and the current problems of the local people and try to find a solution from your end and implement according to the needs”- Subham

According to Subham a leader should have a good connection with the team and should be well acquainted with the market needs. He also added that the right things should be pitched at the right time


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