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Emotorad | Bringing Change In Indian Ev Ecosystem

“We are not a company that is launching a product for the sake of selling, we want to make an impact in the community and as a whole in the electrical infrastructure through our product”- Kunal Gupta, Co-Founder, CEO, Emotorad in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media.

Initiation Of The Journey

The journey of Emotorad began six years ago. Kunal Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Emotorad while living in the outskirts of the city of Pune back in 2014 when Ola or any other online transportation facility was not much predominant, realized that there is a huge gap in transportation. Especially for the students in those times. To bring a solution to this problem statement, he co-founded ONN Bikes in 2015. With a keen interest in the EV sector, Kunal started  exploring the idea of starting an EV project, which eventually took shape and Emotorad was born in 2020.

Kunal and his team of young EV enthusiasts found that India in terms of technology was lagging behind and most of the companies were importing things from China. So, with the emergence of this idea of electric bicycles, they sent few of their teammates to China to get acquainted with their technology and along with this their own prior experiences into this field marked their initiation into this sphere.

“Since we understood the whole electrical infrastructure is a challenge in India in comparison to other modes of transportation, we came up with an unique idea of Electric Bicycles”- Kunal Gupta

Why And How Entrepreneurship ?

Upon asking Kunal Gupta why he chose the field of entrepreneurship in an exclusive interview by Startup Story Media, he said that from a very young age he got an exposure into business as his family was into this field. He personally got interested in business as he always had an urge to do interesting ventures which are out of the box.

Team emotorad

Emotorad, Aiming At Greener Future

“We are not a company that is launching a product for the sake of selling, we want to make an impact in the community and as a whole in the electrical infrastructure through our product”-Kunal Gupta

Emotorad brings in a range of best electric bikes that are providing affordable and futuristic rides for the customers. Emotorad provides a range of 70km/hr without any usage of fuel, directly sets them apart from other companies or organizations in the market. Along with this they provide one year warranty and guarantee on the battery which is currently not provided by any companies added by Kunal Gupta during the course of the interview with Startup Story Media.

Emotorad is currently adding more categories in terms of bicycles, where they are introducing mountain bicycles, normal bicycles for delivery segments where they are going to launch bicycles keeping in mind the current home delivery transportation system.

“Replacing 200 bucks of fuel with 10 bucks of electrically charging bicycles”- Kunal Gupta

How Emotorad Is Made Available ?

“We are not selling the products but making it available for the people to experience it”- Kunal Gupta

Upon asking how they are making their product available for the people, Kunal Gupta said that they firstly believe in experiencing than selling. So, they have kept an option of test drive where their clients can experience their product beforehand. Along with this Emotorad is using a hybrid mode for the distribution of their product with 100+ dealers in the country, 6+ distributors. Apart from this they have a digital mode where they are making their products available to their customers through their website.

“Very soon we are going to launch our product in Amazon, Flipkart and many other widely reached platforms”Kunal Gupta added during the interview session with Startup Story Media

Current Status Of Investment

During the session of the interview Kunal Gupta mentioned about their current status of investment which is digitally backuped by few investors leading them to do three crore of business. Along with this they are also looking for private equities as they are going to expand in the couple of months.

Logo Emotorad

Challenges Faced And Overcome

The biggest challenge faced was the education of electrical mobility segment and electrical infrastructure said by Kunal Gupta when asked about the obstacles that he personally and the company as a whole experienced, in an exclusive interview by Startup Story Media. He also added that this challenge is something that they are still facing where people are comparing with other bikes or scooters. But they are educating and making people aware about how this product is going to bring a massive change in the Indian ecosystem.

Reviews And Feedback

“We don’t compromise on the quality of our products and thus getting huge range of positive reviews from our dealers and clients”- Kunal Gupta

According to Kunal Gupta they are getting quite a number of good and positive  reviews from the customers on their products which is now becoming their major catalyst to grow. Though there are some issues which arise but with constant reviews and suggestions they are making the changes and modifications. He also added that they are also diagnosing the issues online and solving it.

Piece Of Advice From A Successful Entrepreneur

“We have to believe in the vision, it is not like you come with your product one night and change the world”- Kunal Gupta 

He advised the youth to remain calm and have faith and understand their vision amidst the rapid pace with which the world is changing. Along with this Kunal Gupta expanded saying that India is a huge market and any business with the right motive and idea which will add value to the community will always get a positive response.

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