Ashwin Rajput | Serial Entrepreneur Who Never Gave Up On Hard Work

“We build few of the finest beauty pageant crowns in India. Our crowns have featured in several beauty pageants across India,” says Ashwin Rajput a serial entrepreneur in an  excursive interview with Startup Story Media.

Success isn’t something that comes easy and all of us have our moments of struggles and doubts, but to never give up trying is what does the trick. We all have seen or heard of that person whose mind is continuously buzzing with new ideas, but those ideas are never realised, sometimes due to lack of discipline and sometimes due to lack of hard work. But there are also those who realise not just one, but all of their dreams and ideas.

The Journey Starts

Ashwin comes from the city of dreams, Mumbai, and had his own dreams of having an independent business. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he always wanted to start something of his own, but it wasn’t easy. When he started out, he had to face a lot of rejections until his first venture, Pageantslife, brought him deserved success. He has never looked back since.

He had always wanted to start something of his own and loves the independence that comes with it. Of course, it’s very difficult and stressful sometimes, but he loves his work and looks forward to expanding his business even further.


When Startup Story Media asked him if he would have ever liked to do a job instead, Ashwin said, “At first I did want to do a job, but I know I would have eventually wanted to start something of my own instead. Although it was difficult, hard work and persistence paid off.”

Becoming a serial entrepreneur

With Pageantslife, Ashwin became the youngest beauty pageant crowns manufacturer in India. He tells Startup Story Media about his venture, “No one makes the kind of high-quality crowns that we make. We deal across the whole country and deliver high-quality crowns that are used in almost all beauty pageants in India, on a small and big level.”

Soon after his first success, Ashwin embarked on a journey of creating one success story after the other and ventured on many other businesses. Today he manages seven businesses that range from manufacturing and distribution to event organisation and modelling agency.

Marketing is another element of the success story that Ashwin Rajput has woven in what he calls a family business. A huge believer of good marketing, Ashwin says, “ Marketing is an important aspect of any business. We have a marketing team which focuses on making sure that our outreach to customers is well-handled. We are involved in social marketing, email marketing and digital marketing as well. Also, our product creates a loyal customer base, so word of mouth is also something that works well.”

Challenges and pressure

Most of us are barely managing our jobs and lives well while Ashwin is living a fast-paced life where he is successfully managing all his businesses. This comes at its own price of course. Life is passing in a blur of sleepless nights and successful events, sometimes angry customers and pressure of handling an event well.

When asked about the challenges that he had to tackle, Ashwin says, “Sometimes there can be glitches in product delivery. We have had to take back some of our products because they had been damaged in the process of delivery. We are working on improving this issue.”

“Apart from this, organising events on a regular basis can also get tiresome. You have to communicate with different people on a regular basis and it doesn’t always go very well. Although, I still love doing what I do,” Ashwin tells Startup Story Media. A fan of 3 Idiots, Ashwin says that he tries to distress by watching movies and spending time with his friends.


A message to young entrepreneurs

When asked about the key leadership traits that he thinks young upcoming entrepreneurs should embrace, Ashwin says that communication is important and a good leader should always be willing to listen.

“I would emphasize on perseverance and hard work. No singular mantra works better than hard work and not giving up on your dreams is important,” Ashwin tells Startup Story Media.


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