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“Estimating the risks and to begin is the first step towards success”- Ankita De, Co-Founder, in an engaging and exclusive interview with Startup Story Media

With the rapid growth in technology in recent years, mobile apps have become a vital part in human life. Starting from online shopping apps to banking, entertainment and educational apps, everything has become a part of human’s daily needs. Today Startup Story Media will enlighten with a story about an enthusiastic engineering student Ankita De who along with her team took a step out of the crowd to execute her idea of an app development company, to help individuals with solving their app related challenges.


Ankita’s journey began with the subtle course projects from the first year of engineering. While others took simple steps, Ankita thought to indulge into a more complex arena though there was no backdrop of a startup or being an entrepreneur. Having a thought of belonging to a technical background the team thought of an idea of “technical with English” and that was where the real story started to take its shape. Along with this the shift from the offline to online mode and widespread globalization, all these boosted her and her team to develop customized apps which are of high quality and affordable as well.


“Engineers form the most diverse community”- Ankita De

Stepping aside from the 9 to 5 jobs Ankita and her team worked really hard to make their startup work and reach the apex of success. Her team is united with a common motive that is helping them to learn and grow everyday.


“Adding value to the users”- Ankita De

Every product that their organization develops has some unique elements in it, that is adding value to the customers and creating a place in itself. Along with this their team offer cutting-edge research, development and mobile application design to match user’s unique project requirements. Above all they provide quality assurance by industry professionals who ensure the project is done to meet user’s complete satisfaction.


According to the co-founder of, coming up with new things always carries obstacles and challenges along with it. From handling all the events, legal and technical issues all become the primary hurdles which provide new experiences and learnings after overcoming them.

Ankita during the interview mentioned that “Being a central point of the whole project, all the goods and bads come up to that point first”- Ankita De

Managing all the events and being ready with all the things lead Ankita to grow and learn. All the challenges that she faced made her stand back with a solution always ready at hand.

Current Investment Status

Being a development company does not have current investment needs except few basic necessities. Currently the organization is focusing on how to get more number of projects, technical leads and is bootstrapping.


In a conversation with Startup Story Media, Ankita mentions that understanding and team work is at the core of their company which helps them to manage the amount of stress and pressure that comes to them from a wide range of projects coming up to them. All the major and minor decisions are taken collectively and each member is assigned with different responsibilities.



Till now is getting positive reviews and feedback from both domestic and international clients. Currently they have worked with a pharmaceutical company and a startup company which also provided positive feedback and motivating them to take up new projects.


Ankita believes that in the long run it’s the user and the organization who will lead to the cliff of success. So according to her the product should add value to the customers and meet their demands leading to their satisfaction. Along with this her second mantra is to come in contact with the right trustworthy people who will provide right guidance.


“Estimate the risks and begin”- Ankita De

When asked for a piece of advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs in the interview with Startup Story Media, Ankita said that amidst all the obstacles which are inevitable if one is passionate about what he or she is planning to do then they have to tak the risks and start with whatever minimal they have at the current moment.


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