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“You have to work hard, choose a particular product and promote it 24/7. When promotion stops everything stops”- Founder Adeckko, Nischay Koushal.

Furniture is the centerpiece of any establishment. It provides a sense of comfort and aesthetics to a living place. The Furniture industry also creates employment for several thousand hard-working men and women. And the best thing about furniture is that it can be customized according to anyone because everyone has a unique sense of style, and each person sees their furniture as an extension of themselves.

To Create Employment and satisfy the comfort and aesthetics of thousands of houses are the two principles on which his Nischay Koushal venture, Adeckko, is established. But the face behind making thousands of houses smile, Nischay koushal once wasn’t sure about his own roof. The story of a boy being from a middle class family to become a successful entrepreneur, wasn’t straight forward at all. Startup Story Media presents the untold journey of Nischay Koushal.

Nishchay koushal Adeckko founder Startup story media

The tumultuous journey of Nischay Koushal

Nischay Koushal, an ordinary guy from a well-to-do business family, he never realized the importance of education in life untill when he saw his siblings studying and growing. But the sudden death of his parents changed everything, as he had no money and no one to guide him. Yet, determined Nischay wasn’t ready to give in to the situation, he wanted to create a new beginning.

And one day a newspaper ad about ‘construction work’ caught his eyes and he decided to start his construction business. So, he hired a guy named Charan Singh to help him establish the business, but he had to let him go 15 days later as things didn’t go well. But with a turn of events, the same Charan Singh called him up to Delhi to work on the Commonwealth games. They both knew that he had no prior work experience and this task was a behemoth. His journey of struggle started in Delhi with hours of facing the sun.

He talks fondly of his wife, and even the journey of getting married to her was a roller coaster ride. But after the marriage the tough part begins, he couldn’t find work for 2 long years. So, he started a BPO on the advice of his cousin but lost all the money he invested. Fighter Nischay knew that he couldn’t stay down for too long and had to stand up again to fight.And to be on track, Adeckko which was also the name of his former BPO was launched in 2011 as a made to order furniture site.

Adeckko: The not so smooth ride

The beginning of Adeckko in 2011 was a big hope for Nischay. As he used to be in the construction business still had trouble finding work even after working on the 2010 commonwealth games as a government contractor. One day as fate would have it, he came across a Facebook post of a lady looking for a shoe-rack. As he got in touch with her, she asked if he could make it for her and deliver it to Jalandhar, Nischay agreed. He shared his account details with her and received advance payment the next day. Then began the hunt for a carpenter, after receiving several refusals he finally found one carpenter who was up for the job. They delivered the shoe-rack within ten days of receiving the order. Before delivering the product, they had a photoshoot of the shoe-rack, and the pictures were uploaded on Facebook. Those pictures invited thousands of queries within the next 24-48 hours. But for a middle-class family, the shoe-rack was expensive. So, they decided to bring the cost down to expand their market, and they posted the pictures again. But this time things weren’t doing the magic as they expected, they could only sell 2-3 units in the next three months. But Nischay continued with the same technique of fulfilling an order and posting its picture for inventory building.

Team Nischay noticed that the pictures were receiving interest from the customers, but the question was how to ship the product? And due to the cumbersome nature of the product, cash on delivery payment option was not viable, thus the only option was 100% advance, which resulted in trust issues for the customer.

Adekko unique range of products

The transition from Facebook posts to Adeckko’s own flourishing website

“But even in the darkest days, there is a light of hope” and his pictures started getting attention. Some IIT pass-outs were calling him and asking for his time, but being preoccupied in his pursuit of an answer for his troubles, Nischay turned them down for a while. One fine day, being in a particularly good mood, he decided to take one of these calls. The person on the other side had a concept for providing online stores to commercial businesses for Adeckko. After building a online store lot of people got to know about the unique range of products made by Adeckko, he started receiving thousands of calls. But, after 2 years that online platform started experiencing some problems. And, Gave Adeckko a month to their own new website. So, Nischay started looking for developers. Then his friend Mayank introduced him to an experienced web-developer, and soon the new Adeckko website was up on the internet, receiving customers from all over the country.

The New Adeckko was looking promising, and Nischay was analyzing trends to improve the business. And he realized that people were really protective of their shoes, and there was a lot of demand for shoe racks. He started working on the best designs, which were bigger and more accommodating units (even a 100 unit product).

Adeckko, which began its journey with shoe cabinets, is now expanded to custom made furniture. The company majorly interacts with women, and they believe in their design sense and judgments. And after receiving a size and a photograph from the customer, Adeckko gets on with the work of delivering the furniture of their dreams.

Covid-19 impact and opportunities

Corona entered as a disruptive force for the whole world, and Adeckko wasn’t ready for it. To offset the demand drought in the covid times, Nischay promoted Adeckko extensively in hopes of demand revival, “If not today, but tomorrow.” He saw the pandemic as an opportunity to tell people about Adeckko and what Adeckko does. He saw people shifting their purchase pattern from buying shoe racks to necessary items like doors, cabinets. To counter the issue he applied to the “Startup India” initiative.

Therefore, to exploit the building, material, construction, fixture segment. Nischay shifted Adeckko from a proprietorship model to a company, which was now admitted into startup India. This shift helped Adeckko bring plywood and cement sales to an EMI mode. This was being done for the first time in the country, and which also helped generate employment.  As Nischay was self-aware about the cash-crunch a middle-class family faces during the home construction. He himself suffered from cash-crunch during the construction of his own house. Thus, he wanted a system to help others struggling with the same. Helping the middle-class and the lower-class people to avoid corruption and struggle in this segment was and is his aim.

The journey was hard and it’s not about to get any easier, but we keep moving on

With a capable and enthusiastic team of 35-40 carpenters, handling the heaviest raw material in India, Nischay easily manages the deliveries. “People want durable products, the time of delivery doesn’t matter to them” which leaves the team with ample time to work on a project..

“The business is still complicated, carpenters can still bail on you any minute and customers would have to bear the brunt of it. Maintaining quality and hassle-free deliveries is of paramount importance” says Nischay, in an interview with Startup Story Media.

Nischay’s message to budding entrepreneurs

Never stop promoting your product. Consumers might not need it today, but you should still make them aware of its existence. Showcase your product to increase your brand reach and focus on customer satisfaction for good word of mouth and referrals.

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