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Quantel | Leading to the New Beginning

“I always had a zeal for working on an idea that can heal real-life problems. When I finally landed at NIT Kurukshetra for pursuing my graduation, I felt elated to have a person with a similar mindset of becoming a job creator rather than a job seeker” Says Lucky Rohilla, co-founder Quantel.

With the thought of doing something unique and meaningful in life, Lucky Rohilla and Rishabh Garg with their team of 10 super talented minds, mostly from IITs and NITs came together with a vision to facilitate more than 30 million students and professionals across India and beyond. They gave it all, and after numerous thoughts and ideas, they came up with their venture, Quantel: A one-stop solution to get any query solved by a subject matter expert.

Why Quantel?

To provide personalized guidance to bypass all your dilemmas, one to one professional consultation, and the career insights from top mentors and subject matter experts across various domains to the students and Professionals. To make all of this happen, the easy-to-use platform ‘quantellaunched.

A platform to connect students and professionals to their favorite experts in almost any domain such as Consulting, Analytics, Data Science, AI/ML, IT, Legal, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Content creation, and Social media influencers with just a click.

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Quantel’s Belief

The team of dedicated minds believes, “We have decided upon our paths and started walking, We ain’t launching just some company, we are writing some part of your success story and the inception of our Success Story.”

They believe “the best part of building a company is taking an idea that everyone believes in and working together to turn that into a reality.” The talented Quantel minds are working really hard with the matra of people coming together, gain constructive feedback and guidance, and surround themselves with a quality team that is not ready to give up no matter what situation or problem comes at them. They sound like a dream team of entrepreneurs, aren’t they?

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