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While most people were revisiting memories, lazing around and waiting for everything to go back to normal amidst the lockdown enforced due to the pandemic. Our young entrepreneur, Yash Prasad was busy laying the groundwork for Qcademics, an expert education consulting firm, which provides solutions to all student problems related to academia.

“Instead of spending your entire free time binge-watching shows on Netflix use that time to create something of your own, fuelled by your passion”, Yash Prasad, Founder, Qcademics. A young and aspiring entrepreneur in an interview with Startup story media revealed the secret behind his success story of setting up a unique platform to help students.


Yash says that he enjoys and engages in a lot of extracurricular activities in his college. He is a part of many societies and since there is not a lot of pressure on him academically because he finds enough spare time. He has created a very spectacular balance between his studies and working for the startup not just that he has also learned a lot of other things including graphic designing, marketing and video editing through his engagement in other fields. He is quite resourceful and tends to extend his help to the underprivileged as well.

And as the pandemic took the world and the country was on a nationwide lockdown. An unplanned event came to pass, he had never thought to become an entrepreneur but one thing led to another and so he established his venture on 1st June 2020. And “lots of time in my hands is what helped me build Qcademics”.


Yash and his co-founders Shivangi and Kashish have built a huge community for Qcademics connecting over 12K+ people on LinkedIn, 5K+ people on Instagram, 1200+ following on Qcademics and 3800+ on DU Queries Solved. They also have 10K+ students connected via Whatsapp. These figures speak for themselves and the trust they have gained in such a short span of time. With a team of seven core members and thirty-five interns, they have been working non-stop to achieve high-end goals adjusting all this amidst their study time.


When asked about the kind of challenges faced by the Founder while his startup was still in the making, he was a bit hesitant to tell Startup Story Media about losing support from his friends and allies. However, he simply put that it was an unexpected challenge that came his way. Although, he said that he was past that point now. Second, he said that since he did not belong to a technical background neither did the other two founders Kashish and Shivangi, so, they had a bit of trouble with the technical side and in building up the platform proved to be quite a task but that is soon to be resolved.

Negativity and negative comments, was another challenge that the startup had to go through. They were being demoralized by the people despite they kept on going and made it a point to help students because Yash believes that “students not only need help but deserve it, hence they provide their services completely free of cost”.


The founder of Qcademics said that he wanted to reach more people and do not wish to limit it to the country itself but also guide the students about reaching foreign universities. He says that although there are a lot of institutions preparing students for Ivy League colleges, his platform is unique and one of its kind and since student education consultancy is not that wide and explored, it gives them more space to grow and expand. He wants to build Qcademics as a brand that whenever someone thinks of ed-consulting, the only name that should come to their mind is – Qcademics.

Other than that, he says that they are working on a model that will help them generate more revenue.


Yash believes that young people need to chase their passion and should work on it. Doing internships that neither pays well nor provide experience is a waste of time. One is always better off doing something for himself like; creating a blog or an Instagram page. He believes it has far more value and is self-made.

“Instead of spending your entire free time binge-watching shows on Netflix, use that time to create something of your own, fuelled by your passion”, is another important message that he wants to share with his reader’s.


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