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Project Arambha | Empowering women through Education

“To me you define hope and someday I would like to bring the same to somebody”, a compliment that they received and was shared by Haneen and Disha, CO-founders, Project Arambha, while on a full length interview with Startup story media. While on the project, these two girls raised money for 44 girls to purse their higher studies in college and while on a visit these two young ladies were deeply touched by the words of a girl they had helped who defined them as ‘HOPE’. Nonetheless, the weight of this compliment balances the work they put in to bring education to these girls.

‘ARAMBHA’, a connotation to new beginning!

As the name suggests the project ‘Arambha’ begin with the thought to bring education to girls, thus a fresh start which for some is a privilege. The journey begun when 1million1billion future leaders program came to their school (Delhi Public School,  Bangalore North)  which discovers and nurtures the world’s most promising future leaders and getting inspired through the program they were looking at the opportunity which could bring real change and so they came across the NGO Radiant life charitable trust. Haneen and Disha saw this as the perfect beginning for their journey.  So, they launched the project. The founders believe that education should be a priority and nothing should get in the way to attain it, with that spirit they have been working to support this incredible project.

Haneen, co-founder of project Arambha is herself quite adamant to take up the challenge against the offset behaviour people have towards the dreams of girls. She wants to join politics and is adamant to break boundaries to attain her goal.

Gender or lack of resources should never deprive someone from their dreams, Co-founder; Disha believes that ‘manifesting what you want to do is the first step to actually do it’. The girls who are a part of their project belong to difficult backgrounds having faced financial issues, abandonment, and child abuse etcetera. The project aims to provide financial and emotional support to these girls. Having started, last year in March they have successfully run 2 donation drives while the third is on-going.

Future plans and donation drives

The co-founders Disha and Haneen are very optimistic regarding their future plans they seem quite goal oriented and aim to help 300 girls in the future. As part of the project they have been able to secure a corporate sponsorship with Himalaya Herbals who took keen interest to invest in a girl child education programs. They have been successful to keep 44 girls in college supporting their education by running donation drives which hasn’t been a cakewalk either considering the impact the pandemic had on all of us and there was a nationwide shutdown. However, they wanted to create a place of trust, a place they could rely upon and with the cause they truly believed in, they have been able to allow these girls to dream and that is the best thing someone can give another.

‘Dream big, dreaming doesn’t cost you it shouldn’t be affected or constricted by the lack of anything or your surroundings’, Co-founder, Project Arambha.

They told Startup story media about a very mindful aspect of their project which is providing career counselling sessions since all these girls wish to pursue different fields so they have been doing these sessions to make their journey a bit easier.

Learning outcomes and work experience.

When asked by Startup story to recall their journey and share all that they had learned the two girls said that it had a positive impact on their overall personalities Haneen who described herself more of a lone ranger in the past has now been able to break out of her shell and while Disha says despite the journey not being easy  she has somehow left behind her hesitation and what has kept them aboard and strong as a team is unfiltered communication and the sense of teamwork and these are some lifelong experiences they have learned despite coming across failures.

Talking about change and awareness

India is a developing country and sill toiling with poverty and so Startup story media what was there take on the same,

‘ People are aware, but change will come when we try and help, only the correct mind set can change other aspects’

They also added on how we need to build trust and be sensitive towards a given person’s situation it may not be his/her choice. They are hopeful for change and taking their initiative and responsibility to ensure the amount of help they can provide through their contribution.


Becoming role models and message for the reader’s

Haneen and Disha, two eighteen year old girls, studying in Delhi public school, Bangalore north and have become prospective role models for these aspiring and expectant girls they have been trying to help. They have brought a very noteworthy change in the society and there work has helped girls to pursue their studies.

Startup story media asked them to share some advice and message for the youth and here is what they have to say.

‘Go get it! Regardless of your age, gender or background because it doesn’t matter as long as your goals do’.  Haneen, Co-founder, Project Arambha

‘We are capable of so much on our own; sometimes we don’t consider it our responsibility to actually do it so, work towards things like they are a responsibility!’ Disha, Co-founder, Project Arambha

You can follow this link to make your contribution and support their cause!


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