Metvy | Networking via AI

Metvy | Networking via AI

“Metvy is India’s first multilingual AI driven professional networking and mentorship app that helps people connect one on one virtually, according to their common needs,” says Shawrya Mehrotra, Founder & CEO, Metvy in an exclusive chat with Startup Story Media.

Digitalisation has impacted each and every industry today in such a way that it has affected the way we live and work in our daily lives. For any person, network is what matters. Networking is not only about trading information but also serves as an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits.

Metvy, a data-driven platform, wanted to disrupt the networking industry and make networking and connecting with people around more easier. Shawrya came up with this idea when he realized how conversations with people around can actually turn into conversations of value, how random individuals can be of help professionally and how normal conversations can turn into long-term connections.

The Embark

A true entrepreneur at heart, Shawrya’s interest and passion towards startups is what drove him to start working with startups right from the beginning of his college days. He tells that from the very start he had to start a venture of his own and work on an idea of his own.

Sharwaya Founder Metvy Startup Story Media

In the conversation, Shawrya also mentions that while working for a start-up called Sprout Box, a co-working space is when he actually got an opportunity to build networks. He further says that it is then when he observed the culture that was there and realized how things really worked.

Post his start-up stint, he got into Ogilvy, India’s largest marketing agency, as an intern. There at Ogilvy, he actually worked on devising brand campaigns and regional campaigns for big corporations including Vodafone and Mother Dairy. Shawrya describes his time at Ogilvy as a great learning opportunity because he got to work with some great minds. While Shawrya was at Ogilvy, he gained an understanding and appreciation for the presence of extraordinary minds around him, but says, he didn’t know how to connect with them.

“LinkedIn is always an option but, how to connect with someone sitting right next to me,” Shawrya adds.

Navigating the Way

Shawrya talks about how when all of these considerations and ideas were spinning around his cerebrum, continually be going, he was reading ‘Polyester Prints’ by Dhirubhai Ambani. The book talked about how Dhirubhai Ambani leveraged his connections and networks and how he was in the habit of talking and interacting with the people he came across. The weight of continually discovering approaches to develop his main concern was when he thought of doing a social experiment. Since he lived in Gurugram and had to travel a daily of 3-4 hours to the North Campus, he decided to talk and engage with people he met on his commute, his fellow travellers. Thus, interacting with new people every day on the metro, Shawrya realized that he learned new things. That every conversation added some value, which led him to reinforce his belief that there are so many amazing people around us who can help us and guide us professionally and in life. Still, we don’t actually have a common platform to meet and interact with them, and nothing of this sort exists that caters to this problem. And with that, he got an idea, a basic one to develop an app which could actually connect and list people around us virtually, according to our needs. He discussed this with his friends and started working upon it.

A Metvy World

Eventually, Shawrya thought that it would be great if there would be an app that could cater to these problems. An app that could automatically predict a person needs and directly give a list of people who are relevant to the needs. This is how Metvy was brought up. Shawrya’s idea for Metvy was to reduce the number of steps required to connect to a person over a regular platform from eight to just two.

The idea behind the app was to know the date and time when the person who wants to connect and whom the person wants to be connected with  were mutually available, and to send in a virtual meet-up request.

Sharwaya Founder Metvy Startup Story Media

The Road Ahead

Networking with relevant professionals nowadays is a tedious, time-consuming, boring task especially for youngsters. Metvy has a vision which entails changing the way people connect in the near future via artificial intelligence. The app aims to the leverage AI to ensure that any individual can connect with a person he finds relevant. To dislodge the barrier of language in the sphere of professional networking, and expand its reach to communities of not only working professionals but students and educational institutes as well in order to embody efficient professional networking skills from the outset is what is Metvy’s mission.

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