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MBA Pulse | A Student’s Guide to a Quality, Credible and Fitting Institute for a bright Future

The right kind of guidance is like fuel in the engine of a person’s career. The right amount of this fuel can not only provide the necessary kick start but also furnish it with the essentially requisite ultra-power. One such unique platform is “MBA Pulse”.

“I’m a big fan of technology which will pave way for futuristic education and learning and absorption easy- whatever changes are going to happen they are going to happen through technology”- Dr. Narayana C.N.

Founded by Dr. Narayana C. N, MBA Pulse is a student oriented and aspirant centric portal for all the aspiring individuals out there who wish to make a career in management and related fields via providing them a smooth connection and guidance with institutions and helping them choose the best kind of fit for them.

Dr. Narayana has 34 years of experience; he has worked at senior positions for Godrej, GE, Xerox and RPG Enterprises and other popularly known corporations as well as has held senior leadership positions at leading B-schools of India.

Dr. C N Narayana with trophyAbout Dr. Narayana, Founder MBA Pulse

He is an extensive researcher and a teacher and an author and a proven transformational leader of B-Schools. He has been on both the sides of the table and hence best understands how things work in the industry as well as, as regards the relations between an institution and corporates.

With this valuable experience he founded MBA Pulse, which is an initiative to connect students with the best kind of B-school or them. After working for corporations and B-schools he came across the need for better regulated business and management institutions. About this he said, “There are around 4000 odd B-schools in India but the quality is always a question mark.”

The 5 Pulse Model

To contribute in changing this status quo he came up with the iconic “Panchatantra Model of 5 Pulses”. The institutes will be ranked based on the validation points of pulse 1-5. Only the top-cream 50 institutes will be chosen to guide the students for the best fit.

The model talks about:

Pulse 1- Academics Pulse

It is considered to be the most important avenue to credibility and growth in career. Institutions are known by their academic rigor and seamless intervention with the student knowledge spectrum which ultimately helps in cultivating professional craftsmanship.

The three focal points of this pulse are:

  • Standard setting
  • Institute’s Support in rigor in achievement
  • Validation of achievement

Pulse 2- Industry Academia Interface Pulse

It speaks about the symbiotic relationship between academics and the industry and how good institutes should power the needs of the industry.

The focal points are:

  • Good institutes should power the needs of the industry.
  • The ratio of regular faculty to industry professionals is desirable to be kept at 1:4.

Pulse 3– Personality Enhancement Program & Extra-Curricular Activities

This pulse talks of the role that personality enhancement initiatives of an institute play in the shaping of a student’s career; if or not the program combines the need ot be groomed well with the other management related aspects.

The focal points are:

  • Personality development is earmarked as a course with due credits given to every aspect of personality inputs.
  • Good institutes have a well sketched out personality development program inclusive of almost all aspects of L, S, W and R.
  • The institute must have a well-defined volunteering program where students understand the importance of giving back to society.

Pulse 4- Accreditation, International Linkages, Certification Courses, Student Exchange

It talks about the efficiency of institutes as regards being accredited by various standard setting bodies which are well known for their governance and compliances, if they have the minimum National Board of Accreditation (NBA) at first level, because AIU affiliation certificate of PGDM equivalence to MBA degree enables higher study opportunities abroad. And lastly the quality is assured on International accreditations like SAQS, AMBA, AACSB etc.

The focal points are:

  • International linkages
  • Certificate courses
  • Student exchange

Pulse 5- Placements, Profile & Packages (ROI)

As there is a major need for this particular aspect in the life of every student it becomes imperative for the existence of this particular pulse. So this pulse reiterates on the availability of a well-defined and progressive placement cell in the institutions. It checks if processes and systems are put in place for placements, if the students in them are well trained for placements and interviews including having current knowledge of the industry and if a longer Business Immersion Programs with higher credits ranging from 16 to 24 will give better scope for PPOs and better average salary is being incorporated by them.

The focal points are:

  • Placements
  • Admissions
  • Code of Conduct
  • Leadership

Dr. Narayana with scholars

Credibility of the Institution is Paramount

Dr. Narayana firmly believes that it is not about the degree, it’s about credibility. He hinted that most institutions today are not imparting knowledge with attitude but are doing sale pitch. To aid students get out of the snares of capitalistic institutions and to help them choose a very good institution he hopes to provide them an advisory which is absolutely free of cost. He also has plans to mentor over 1000 students in 2021.

Via the accumulation of knowledge with the industry perspective and practical learning based on technological adaptation MBA Pulse aims to bring in the lives of students industry oriented concepts of internship, Intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship via giving students an experience of working on live projects.

Co-curricular activites

Quality Private B-Schools are as good as branded IIMS

MBA Pulse comprehends the fact that recruiter focus 70% on attitude followed 15%  each on skills and knowledge Therefore, a clear need to  focuse on good internship that can build attitude and opportunities to get Pre-Placement offers ( PPOs). Majority of the institutes must focus on longer internship both Summer & Winter with higher credits. Furthermore, Dr. Narayana is resolute on providing his mentees with the best guidance and counselling that is much needed.

Dr. Narayana expressed that private B-Schools can be better than the IIMS and government supported ones if you look for the right one. When asked about student-professor relationships he verbalized, “Students are not perceived properly by the faculty. I am a learner for life, I learn from students, I never use PPTs, I make use of storytelling and look at the student perspective before thinking like a teacher. I want to make it very simple.”

Last Pic Dr. Narayana with Startup Story MediaMajor Takeaways From MBA Pulse

  • Mentorships for people who’re already enrolled in MBA or PGDM programmes, career buddy is another thing through which job counselling is providing.
  • For freshers- extra support and guidance on how to make a better career in management and wisely choose a good Business School based on Panch-Tantra.
  • Better job guidance to people with existing job experience who’re facing trouble with growth.
  • Seamless counselling to undergrads to help them chase their passion in management via the best kind of career guidance that fits them.


  1. Dr. CN Narayana is a true inspiration and a Management Guru. I am sure that PGDM / MBA aspirants will make use of his wast experience and research to make the right decision for their future

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  4. Very informative and to the point. Answers to normal queries that arise among students and the correct advice is what MBA pulse is giving.

  5. Answers to normal queries that arise among students and the correct advice is what MBA pulse is giving. Very precise and relevant topics!!!

  6. Great work Sir. All ur sharings r priceless and very useful to our students society.Thanks a lot Sir.Longlive ur service…🙏🙏🙏

  7. Great work Sir.All ur sharings r priceless and very useful to our students society. Thanks a lot…Longlive ur Service Sir🙏🙏🙏

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