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Linguidoor | Take off language barriers and go global

“Everyone has their secret recipes for success, but an efficient process leads you to the desired results”, Rishi Anand CEO, Linguidoor.

“Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savor their songs.”- Nelson Mandela

Rishi Anand, the passionate warrior of his dreams always knew the importance of languages. And he always had a special place for languages thus he decided to move from his home town Patna to Delhi to learn German Language and took admission in JNU, enrolled himself in a bachelor’s program in German literature and languages.

But it wasn’t easy to pursue his passion at all, as no one in his family and peer group ever learnt and studied a Foreign Language. But the passionate Rishi wasn’t ready to change his mind, so he took his stand and started working really hard, and while graduating he earned himself internship twice back in 2011 and 2012 in Germany. The experience in Germany changed his life and he got himself enrolled in University of Rostock, Germany as the only foreign student for a master’s program in German Studies.

“I was the only foreigner in my Master Studies and that motivated me to do something better and bigger”

After his master’s in 2016, he worked with some big Startups in Berlin. Since 2010 Rishi has worked as freelance Translator for many big companies, where he learned the basics and the functioning of the translation industry. And Finally in 2017, he started his company Linguidoor Language Services in Berlin

Intensly working

Linguidoor: The Journey

In the beginning, Rishi was the only one in the company but as he says “ I always believe in thinking big and starting small, that’s what the motto at the beginning” He was doing his job and handling his company all alone. The hard work, dedication, and his optimistic approach were multiplied into results. And His Dream to provide a platform where freelance Translation and content creator could work was now becoming the reality, and as the company started growing the people kept joining, and he now has 2000+ Language experts in 65+ Languages from across the globe working with him.

Thus in 2019, Rishi decided to discontinued his other job to focus 100% on his company. With Rishi’s vision and his team of passionates, Linguidoor is growing swiftly and is set to become the finest Translation service provider not only in Germany and India but across the globe.

About Linguidoor: The Functioning

Linguidoor is a professional translation and localization company registered in Berlin, Germany, and Delhi, India. They provide multiple services such as document translation, Medical and Technical Translation, Website localization, App and Software Translation, Business Translation, Legal and Financial Translation, content writing in about 50 languages, Voice-Over, Subtitling, and so on.

Linguidoor not only provide translators but domain experts in a specific field. I.e to write a legal document they provide a native language expert in the legal documentation for accuracy and authenticity.

With a market presence in 22 countries, Linguidoor works for customers in a variety of business sectors including Marketing and Advertising, IT and Software, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Energy and Environment.

“Freelancers are the main pillar of Linguidoor, we always try to make them happy,” says Rishi Anand, in the interview with startup story media.

Freelancers play the most imperative role in the company. They are a team of professionals who works hard and also helps in preserving heritage and languages across the globe by consistently optimizing worldwide communication through their apt, fast, affordable, and trustworthy language services.


Rishi tells Startup story media that he had no idea about the funding as he started out of his passion, so the company never got any funding or sponsorship. Rishi never believed in credits and he always tried to do things in a small amount of money. So, He started small, kept things low, worked hard in his other job, and invested from his savings.

The 4 phases were working as life support with no external support

  1. Think big
  2. Start small
  3. Grow slowly
  4. Accelerate

In 2019 he left everything and gave his full focus to the company and got more projects and never looked back.

Core values

“Transparency” They assure transparency in their process.

“Client satisfaction” They don’t only help translate them, they guide them in what better way the client can achieve the desired goals better.

“Happy working space” A happy space for everyone working with Linguidoor especially freelancers.

“ They believe in collaboration, not partnerships, and building relationships to grow together.

Mantra for a successful startup

Rishi stated 3 basic mantras to run a successful startup in the interview with startup story media are:-

  1. “Everyone has their secret recipes for success, but an efficient process leads you to the desired results”
  2. “You are the better judge of yours no one can tell us what we can do or not”
  3. “Passion is the only thing you should follow, your passion will take you to your dreams.”

Biggest accomplishment

“I Never feel satisfied, if I do I might stop moving forward but I am proud of what my company has done in last two years as we have provided our services to big giants like Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft not directly but as a third party. But important is that our content is there and I am still very proud of being the third party to these market gaints,” says CEO Linguidoor, in the interview with startup story media.

Final message: Rishi Anand



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