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“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”-John Crosby

India has a huge demographic dividend. Around 90% of the Indian population is under the age of 60, and out of that 90%, 35% are under the age of 19. The youth of today is the most educated and technologically savvy generation ever. And Such a young productive population ensures addition to the workforce of India gradually. But there still exists a mismatch between skills possessed and skills demanded in the job market.

The possibilities for job seekers to apply their skills in the right channel can create a positive impact on their job search endeavors. A platform to make all the complications go away that provides guidance, skilling, and mentoring to students and job seekers, Indywise was founded by Devender Kumar and Josep Mateu Clemente.

Like every journey, this has an untold story that needs to be heard too, so Startup Story Media presents the untold journey of Indywise.

Joseph founder Indywise

Indywise: The Emergence

Devender being extremely passionate about mentoring and knowledge sharing, wanted to do something around the field of mentoring. He believes people who have are industry experts or they have their own start-ups can share their experiences with those in search of guidance and make things simplified. Thus, to create a platform that provides guidance, skilling, and mentoring to students and job seekers, Devender Kumar and Josep Mateu Clemente launched Indywise.

Indywise: The Inspiration

Devender’s inspiration for Indywise came from the fact that ‘there’s an abundance of knowledge in the world but an absence of a unique platform to share it with those who actively seek it’. Devender aimed Indywise at addressing the job crisis arising due to the lack of market-relevant skills or direction of today’s youth. Thus, Indywise provides an avenue for job-seeking students and working professionals to connect with industry experts and receive professional advice to solve their long-term standing issues.

Employment and Mentoring with Indywise: The Process

Indywise is designed to tackle unemployment by connecting mentees with mentors for a guided program where the mentees are provided expert guidance via subject expert mentors. The mentors help the mentees in brushing up their skills like an interview, communication, industry exposure, profile building, etc. Along with the concept brush-up process, the mentors help in getting jobs by referring their mentees to their wide network.

What you seek, you shall find: The Simplified process

To provide a genuine service to both mentors and mentees was the primary thought of Devendra and Josep. And On Indywise, mentors can onboard themselves and list their profile, and charge hourly mentoring rates. And On the other hand, mentees are required to set up their goals at the beginning of their session so that the mentors can help them in chasing their goals. This gives job seekers/mentees the freedom to choose the best-suited mentor for their skill aspirations and needs to reach their desired goals.

Devendr Founder Indywise Startup Story Media

Opportunity: The Job Seek Program

“The Job Seek Program creates value for all,” says the Devender in the interview with startup story media

 To help students avoid a year gap and gain work experience, the founders came up with the Job Seek program. Facilitating final year students or graduates to work with start-ups as interns with a stipend, and most importantly an opportunity to work on real enterprise projects. And the best part every intern is assigned to a mentor who grooms and prepares them for professional life. After the completion of the internship, the interns are either absorbed by the start-up or some other corporate hire them. This program also solves the resource crunch problem of start-ups by providing them interns at an affordable rate, sounds like a win-win situation for everyone?.

“The best thing about the Job Seek Program is that the interns are not charged a single dime until they are placed”- says Devender in conversation with Startup story media.

Message To The World

From the entire journey, the startup story media team would like to give a message that “One should always keep learning to grow and to establish themselves in any field. Learning and improving are the mantras to achieve any goal in life”

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