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“Success is the combination of vision, ambition and the ability to take risk”- Puneet,Co-founder & CEO of CureSee in an exclusive and engaging interview with Startup Story Media.

Puneet being an optometrist himself got to see many patients on a daily basis. And, during his training period he came across a case while sitting in the OPD where his professor said to one patient that there is no cure for his condition at this age.

“That patient was 22 years old and was diagnosed with Amblyopia. Later on when the patient went home, I asked my professor what was the condition and why it was being told that we cannot cure that condition?”-Puneet

With such strong questions in mind of Puneet that we are living in between so many technological advancements and still we are saying No to a patient, lead him to know more about vision therapy, where he acknowledged that though there is a treatment for the lazy eye but it is too costly for the patients specially for the Indian community to afford as these are being imported from abroad.

“That made me think why not create an affordable solution. I immediately started my research on Amblyopia and how can we cure that with vision therapy.”-Puneet

After a few months when Puneet got the final conclusion he called up his friend Jatin Kaushik, Co-founder of CureSee for the software support. Joining hands they started their journey of Cursee to provide their patients a better vision at an affordable price.

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CureSee: AI Enabled Vision Therapy Software

CureSee is a vision therapy software which contains the artificial intelligence integrated in it. It treats the ‘lazy eye’ or in scientific terms ‘Amblyopia’ which is otherwise cannot be treated even with best possible spectacles or contact lenses leading to the patient’s blurred vision. But the software launched by CureSee has some modules and proved by several researches that it improves the vision of Amblyopic or Lazy eye. It is available as a subscription and the patient can apply for this online also at

“This is the only AI enabled vision therapy software that improves Amblyopia within 6months”- tells Puneet to Startup Story Media.

Furthermore Puneet states that on the 3rd February 2021, CureSee has launched their 2nd version ‘CureSee 2.0’ virtually with sixteen hundred audience. In future, they are also planning to expand in the eye care segment more to benefit the patients who are otherwise neglected due to lack of technology.

“CureSee’s main vision is to reach everybody, everywhere. Where there is Amblyopia there should be CureSee, it should be within the reach of the patients”-Puneet

Overcoming the obstacles

Upon asking to Puneet about some of the challenges that he faced during his journey in an exclusive interview by Startup Story , he said that, Amblyopia is a common condition and according to researchers worldwide approximately 4 to 5 % of the population is Amblyopic which is 308 Million amblyopic patients. So the first challenge for them is that they have a huge number of patients who are in need of a treatment but the number of doctors who are there for the treatment using vision therapy are only 5% of the total eye care practitioners.

“We have a huge pool of patients but lack of practitioners, who are practicing vision therapy. So the first challenge was to create awareness among the practitioners as well as for the patients that there is a cure available for you. To overcome this primary challenge we conducted many seminars, training sessions, inhouse workshops for the doctors, practitioners and for the students in the universities as well.”

With these steps he said that they are now proud that they were able to reach out to people and made them aware. He added that right now 70 to 80% of the practitioners are aware about this treatment of vision therapy.

“Approximately now we have 1500+ patients who are benefited and treated with the CureSee software and 130+ doctors of various hospitals tied up with us”- added by Puneet.

Reviews are leading CureSee for a better version

“To us the priorities are always the patients”

With this motto they started their company in 2019. Since then they have received many reviews and feedback regarding their software version. They took all those feedbacks forward and started working on their new project CureSee 2.0.

“Recently when we released the software all the practitioners and patients were highly satisfied saying that it is much better. So we always follow feedback and that is what makes us the leader in these segments.” added by Puneet in the course of the interview with Startup Story Media.

Message for the upcoming Entrepreneurs

“The road is tough but you gotta be tougher. You should always aim for the good and should not be focusing on the results only, because it’s the efforts that count”-Puneet


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