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“In order to be a leader in 2021 you need to be flexible, agile, a good manager, a visionary, and digitally savvy”– Vanessa Carabelli

Vanessa Carabelli, one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices for 2020, in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media talks about her venture Care-er Empowerment and how it is making a significant change in the professional lives of her clients.

The Start of a Friendship and a Business

An economist with a master’s degree in finance and a corporate career as a CFO in several industries like finance and retail, vanessa’s journey as an entrepreneur began in 2019 when her business partner and friend Silvia Reyes, who had been working in the human resource sector for two years had told her to start a human resource consultancy firm. Being in the corporate world herself for over 20 years, she too thought that it was time for her to start her own company and go to business by herself. Talking about Silvia, Vanessa says, “my business partner complements me at work, that is the reason I decided to start a business with her.”

Vanessa met her business partner Silvia in 2018 on their first job at a Human Resources Consultancy firm. Vanessa was a Commercial Manager and Silvia worked for her as a sales advisor.  After a year, Vanessa changed her job and went to a bigger HR Consultant.

In September 2019, Silvia convinced Vanessa to establish Care-er Empowerment and so began their entrepreneurial journey together.


Being on the “LinkedIn Top Voice” list

But the best was yet to come for Vanessa, because in October 2020, the LinkedIn creative copywriter for Latin America called her and told that she was nominated for the LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 award. Talking about her experience of being named on the LinkedIn Top Voice list, Vanessa says “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! She told me to wait for a month to let me know if I was really in the top ten. In November 17, LinkedIn actually published the LinkedIn Top Voices around the world and I was in that list.”

From that moment, Vanessa’s life changed, her sales skyrocketed and people from Mexico, Argentina, United States and Peru wanted to interview her to know how she became a LinkedIn Top Voice. A university in Mexico and one in Peru, included her in their teaching staff.  That was the beginning of a successful series of events in which her company quickly obtained more sales and profits.

And this is only the beginning for Vanessa!

The Essence of Caree-er Empowerment

Talking about what sets Caree-er Empowerment apart, Vanessa explains,” My service is different from traditional one because our programs are personalized job placements and we accompany our clients until they obtain a job”.

Caree-er Empowerment was founded on three business lines: Reallocation programs for trainees, middle managers and managers, Headhunting and Employability and soft skills workshop.  Their job placement programs include coaching by objectives, Curriculum Vitae, Personal Branding, Soft Skills Report, Interview Roleplays and Video Roleplays. 

Care-er empowerment session

Challenges Faced and Obstacles Overcome

The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on businesses worldwide and Vanessa’s startup was no exception. She talks about how they lost over half of their clients because they were reluctant to invest in her program owing to the uncertainty about the future. She and Silvia had to cut off their own salaries for two months but they continued to pay their employees.

Stress and pressure are present in every job but being career coaches, Vanessa along with her business partner and advisors have learned to manage it well. They listen to client’s problems daily and manage them by discovering their pain and providing them a solution.

Business Investment Scenario and Customer Experience

About her business’s investment scenario Vanessa tell Startup Story Media that her company has invested very little because it is a startup with a lot of creation and development of new products underway. They have an area that is exclusively dedicated to the creation of programs, courses and webinars. Their services are very lucrative and their margin of profit is 50% of the cost which goes towards the payment of their HR advisors.

In order to manage her day-to-day business, the founder makes a list of all her tasks for the day first thing in the morning. Her team works in a home office mode. Vanessa meets up with her team and board of directors once a month to plan for the work ahead.

Caree-er Empowerment’s customer experience is described as very close and based on trust. Being HR consultants, the firm’s service is very up close to the customers.” We accompany our customers in their job search” says Vanessa.

Business Mantra

Vanessa’s business mantra is to increase the demand for professional services from their clients as they offer their services to corporations.

 Founder’s Message

Vanessa’s advice can be summarized in these few words, “never give up and go for your dreams”.


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