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“No matter whether you get one client or a hundred client, always keep your word.” -Vinay Kanth, Founder, Business Mint

“When people start their business or their entrepreneurial journey, they are busy scaling up their business. When they are doing these things and we recognise their company or startup with an award, it boosts their morale and gives them deserved attention,” says Vinay Kanth, founder of Business Mint, while talking to Startup Story Media.

Business Mint is an independent market research company which was founded in 2018 with an intent to help new entrepreneurs gain more recognition, credibility and media exposure. Let’s go on the journey of Vinay Kanth and know more about the intent and purpose of Business Mint.

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More exposure

The name Business Mint, as Vinay explains us, comes from the idea that similar to how a mint provides freshness, Business Mint provides enterprises with a fresh chance to thrive in the market. “We want to refresh these businesses with more recognition, credibility and exposure,” says Vinay.

For the new businesses that are coming up in the market, the most important thing is branding and marketing to establish their name and get more people to know about them. Vinay tells Startup Story Media, “We have tie-ups with national media platforms like Forbes India, Hindustan Times, Business Standard, all these media houses. So if any new startup or business wants articles on them or any press releases you know, so we will be helping with all these things. We help them get more exposure.”

Starting out on own

Starting out Business Mint had never been a rash decision for Vinay who always wanted to start his own business. Vinay had been working as a freelancer since the age of 16 and even then if there was something he liked more than anything else, it was marketing and branding.

Vinay tells Startup Story Media that the most attractive part about branding and marketing is how it explores the creative side of people. “Marketing can only be done with creative and extremely smart people, that’s what I love about it. It allows me to explore the creative side of myself,” he says.

Talking more about starting his own business, Vinay says, “Personally, I feel that the work that I’m doing should provide me with the freedom I need. I don’t want to be managed by anyone else. If we choose to do something of our own, we get freedom in case of time and money. That’s why I chose my own business.”

Challenges and setbacks

Vinay told us that the major challenges he had to face had been in the beginning when he had just started out. It had been hard for him to provide credibility for the events he hosted and the services he provided.

Business Mint’s Nationwide Awards, which recognise the best entrepreneurs in the market, were questioned by a lot of people for its credibility. Vinay managed to tackle those issues by providing enough deliverables. He tells Startup Story Media, “We convinced people by giving them more deliverables like getting full-page coverage in an English daily, we got them half an hour slot for event coverage. So after our first two events went good, we easily did seven more events after that.”

Business Mint has recently started Under-30 and Under-40 awards for both entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Vinay Founder Business Mint

Message for entrepreneurs

Vinay says that he would advise most young entrepreneurs to go with digital marketing in today’s age and time. Emphasising on the need for digital marketing, he says that it’s more important than traditional marketing today.

He tells Startup Story Media, “Research and discuss your project with your mentors and invest time in research and development before starting out. The second thing I would suggest is to go with digital marketing instead of traditional marketing.”

Vinay says that for any leader, it’s very important to manage his time well. “Time management skills are of extreme importance,” he says.


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