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The Educations Founders

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone” – Wendell Berry.

RC Sharma, founder of “The Educations”- a foreign education consultancy. A firm believer of the importance of education and the magnitude to which the standards of today’s education standards need to be raised.

The Educations under the aegis of RC Sharma has been bridging the gap between foreign universities and prospective students since 2004.

“As education is very important and moreover career-oriented educations has its own significance. We always emphasize on quality education that holds value in terms of career growth. It makes hardly any difference whether you got your education from within or outside the country”.

When asked why he chose this particular field to build a start-up, he mentioned that education is the basic need of a human being. He was really passionate about the idea to start either a virtual coaching portal or a study abroad consultancy.  In the latter he finds potential for growth and self-satisfaction.

The company values dignity the most while rendering time bound services with utmost dedication to its clients being their paramount aim. Helping students reach their desired career path as well as aiding them in walking on it is also what The Educations strives for.

The EducationThe Educations functions with, “Service Before Self” as its core value.

As Mr. Sharma has had this start-up up and running pretty successfully for more than 15 years, he had quite a set of gems to share with us in the form of life and professional lessons.

He emphasized on the consequence of maintaining a continuous flow of financial support which according to him is also the biggest risk of owning a start-up. For which he suggests one should always ensure proper support to prepare and overcome any such issue.

When asked if he had any doubts during the early stages of this operation, he replied that he always kept in touch with his mentors and other experienced entrepreneurs who kept him focused and guided him through the doubts.

He revealed that as per him the mantra to have a successful start-up is to have a disciplined approach.

In his culminating words he said, “Starting a venture is not enough. Instead one must equip themselves with proper knowledge and understanding to make that venture sustainable and profitable”.

“Become a Global Citizen. Study abroad; live together, with tolerance and respect” -RC Sharma, Founder, The Educations.

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