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Fazil’s Creations | Making Designs Speak

“Failure is the break we get to learn more. Without failure, we can’t learn.” -Moosa Fazil, CEO, Fazil’s Creations “We are a creative and digital company capable of providing fully synchronized solutions which include branding, web design, marketing and software & print,” says Moosa Fazil, CEO of Mangalore based Fazil’s Creations (a venture of Fc [...]
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The SMART Taxi | Adding Values And Personal Touch Into Business

“Specially crafted cab experience for individuals & businesses, customizable in nature according to budget, status quo, and preferences, making your personal or business travel a delightful cab riding experience, enriched with class-leading hospitality”- Dhruvam Thaker, Founder, The SMART Taxi in an engaging and exclusive interview with Startup Story Media INITIATION OF THE JOURNEY From an [...]
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Applex.in | An Inspiring Story Of An Engineer

"Estimating the risks and to begin is the first step towards success"- Ankita De, Co-Founder, Applex.in in an engaging and exclusive interview with Startup Story Media With the rapid growth in technology in recent years, mobile apps have become a vital part in human life. Starting from online shopping apps to banking, entertainment and educational [...]
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Medulance | Making Ambulance More Accessible

“Once you start making an impact and start generating value for your customers, there is nothing more fulfilling.” - Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder, Medulance “Personal experiences motivated us to start working on this idea and find workable solutions. Since Ola and Uber had come up already, we thought why can’t something similar be done about ambulances,” [...]
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Earnhance | All In One Investment Solution

“One should have a proper team, finance and have to start without thinking about getting failed”- Milind, Founder, Earnhance in an engaging and exclusive interview with Startup Story Media How It All Began ? In a conversation with Startup Story Media Milind talks about his journey towards becoming an entrepreneur and coming up with their [...]
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Pacific Designs | An Ocean of Novel Ideas

"Do the work on time, maintain quality and don't cheat your customer, someone will follow you"-Sumangal Pugalia. In an exclusive conversation with Start-up Story Media, The Founder Sumangal Pugalia talks about his Kolkatta based venture, Pacific Designs. It is India's first brand that provides customized Tissue Napkins and is creating headwinds in the hygiene product [...]
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ExcalTech | Helping Businesses Run

“If you don’t fall down, how will you rise up?” - Kshitij Pandey, CEO and Founder, ExcalTech in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media. “You run your business. We make sure your business runs,” is the slogan of ExcalTech. Founded by Kshitij Pandey in 2017, Excalibur Technologies has established a reputation for providing businesses [...]
Metvy | Networking via AI

Metvy | Networking via AI

“Metvy is India’s first multilingual AI driven professional networking and mentorship app that helps people connect one on one virtually, according to their common needs,” says Shawrya Mehrotra, Founder & CEO, Metvy in an exclusive chat with Startup Story Media. Digitalisation has impacted each and every industry today in such a way that it has [...]
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Rias Jaipur | Revolutionizing Indian Handloom Market with Zero Wastage

“More than the product the process of making the product is important," says Arshia, co-founder of Rias Jaipur. With legendary beauty and variety, texture and colours, patterns and embroidery, Indian handloom market has resurrected from death. Something which was earlier a dying art has today become a powerful force in the market. While many are contributing [...]
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Adeckko | Your Imagination Our Creation

“You have to work hard, choose a particular product and promote it 24/7. When promotion stops everything stops”- Founder Adeckko, Nischay Koushal. Furniture is the centerpiece of any establishment. It provides a sense of comfort and aesthetics to a living place. The Furniture industry also creates employment for several thousand hard-working men and women. And [...]
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Linguidoor | Take off language barriers and go global

“Everyone has their secret recipes for success, but an efficient process leads you to the desired results”, Rishi Anand CEO, Linguidoor. “Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savor their songs.”- Nelson Mandela  Rishi Anand, the passionate warrior [...]
“Crafts are the varied representation of society”- Emily Chakraborty Indian heritage bears the mark of all the diverse cultures it houses or had at once housed. It has sustained, evolved and adapted its identity, authenticity and intricacies right from the Indus Valley civilisation to British colonialism. And that’s something that Kaisori, the start-up we’re covering in this piece lives to flaunt. Handicraft functions as a mirror, you look into it, and you see the reflection of not only the artist but his story. India as a nation is a host to over thousands of artisans, painters, craftsmen who are the backbone of Indian culture and are single-handedly producing, preserving and promoting the vestige of their past by telling the stories of their ancestors through their art. India as a nation has no dearth of knowledge, history and stories; they are just waiting out there to be discovered and voiced. Emily Chakraborty- The Brains behind Kaisori This desire to seek stories from all parts of the nation through engaging and interacting with India's heart is what drives Emily Chakraborty. Born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal, where she completed her schooling and graduation, she is a true Bengali at heart. She has done her post-graduation in advertising and communications management. She also has 10 years of experience in advertising. Coming to her interests, they are just as diverse as India itself. Being a woman of multiple passions, she's a trained Katthak Dancer, has dabbled in filmmaking but the passion closest to her heart is travelling and discovering India. She believes that if one is to find India's heart, they should visit rural India as "rural India is real India". Her journeys are what has shaped her and made her the women that she is today. Listening to her describe her love for India and her travelling experience makes you feel proud to be an Indian, to be born in this land of colours and unending adventures. The Story of Founding and Seeking Fuelled by her passion for exploring the fabric of India, she founded "Kaisori" in 2018 to provide artisans, their art and stories a platform to be showcased. Emily wanted to make a difference and do her part in the upliftment of local craftsman and the preservation of their craft. She believes it's her "Shiddat" that makes her stay true to herself in this endeavour. Upon asking her what the word meant, she delved into its significance by stating that the word has multiple meanings (another allusion to diversity). The term "Kai" means hand in Kerala and Kaisori means Durga. It depicts Shakti (Power), amalgamation and culmination. It signifies how versatile and flexible art is. What Makes It Different We are clothed in garments, our feet are caressed by footwear, and we live in furnished homes. Our lifestyle is synonymous with our personality and is an extension of ourselves. Kaisori works across a spectrum of wellness stories, apparent range, accessory range and footwear. Everything is completely handmade. No machines are used in the production process, which makes it particularly special as handmade objects carry not only beauty but also the craftsman's soul who made it. Each handicraft is tailor-made specifically and brings a slice of India with it. Thus, the platform doesn't sell a piece of garment but a story. “We do a lot of Kashmir, we work on accessories, footwear, apparel, we do homes, we do many things. The idea was to showcase the magical possibilities of craft and textile coming together to create the lifestyle story. Each of the stories we know are in created in collaboration of the participation of the artisans, so each of them has relevance in terms of stories, each one is created specifically for us”, articulated Emily. Supporting the Handloom Industry Handloom and textile industry has a special place in India of today and yesterday as well. It had a special place in Mahatma Gandhi's heart as well, who believed that the path to empower India truly is through the grass-root levels. To help bolster the industry's integrity, Kaisori deploys several innovative techniques such as using miniature "Bundi paintings" as packaging to help revive the art. The aforementioned is just one of the ways in which Kaisori is protecting the treasure trove of local plants, food, crafts and architecture. Of Art, Artists and Their Stories “We are trying to bring back the stories that have been forgotten. We share a story we don’t sell a product. We use plastic free packaging. We came across Boondi painting (a kind of miniature painting) something that has not been that famous of late, so we tried to inculcate it in our packaging.” With Kaisori, Emily perseveres to showcase the gamut of possibilities of crafts and textiles' and how they can come together to create a narrative and lifestyle. Each of the stories created is in collaboration with the artists and has relevance in culture. This amalgamation of art allows artists to learn from each other and grow together. Kaisori’s Message to the World The importance of Kaisori is further highlighted in the fact that when artisans see their work being displayed and desired, it gives them motivation and a push in the right direction. According to Emily, it is the responsibility of brands moral responsibility to bring to light the talent of the hinterland. It also offers consumers an insight into the different types of local artistic talent out there and thus creates a pyramid of an empowered artist on one corner and a responsible brand and informed customer on the other two. Lastly, the message that Emily wants to extend is that all of us need to unite and support artisans, there's no harm in buying from them, it's not the product that we pay for, it is the creativity, toil and lastly the narrative of the artist.

Kaisori | Discovering India Through Stories of Handmade

“Crafts are the varied representation of society”- Emily Chakraborty Indian heritage bears the mark of all the diverse cultures it houses or had at once housed. It has sustained, evolved and adapted its identity, authenticity and intricacies right from the Indus Valley civilisation to British colonialism. And that’s something that Kaisori, the start-up we’re covering [...]
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Quantel | Leading to the New Beginning

“I always had a zeal for working on an idea that can heal real-life problems. When I finally landed at NIT Kurukshetra for pursuing my graduation, I felt elated to have a person with a similar mindset of becoming a job creator rather than a job seeker” Says Lucky Rohilla, co-founder Quantel. With the thought [...]
Awakinn Hub's Founder

Awakinn | A Coding Platform for College Students To Gain Experience with Pay after getting a job of minimum ₹6 LPA

All the coding enthusiasts open your eyes up wide. All the hackathon fanatics turn up the brightness of your devices because you surely are going to want to know about this amazing venture that gives you a tech-supported learning environment and helps you learn by working on live projects and by solving real-time problems, so [...]
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SriSatymev | The One-stop Shop for Incredible Ayurvedic Solutions to Spread Happiness and Well being

Story Behind SriSatymev Ever heard the popular phrase, “You become what you eat”? Think about it. In a massively polluted environment like ours, where we fight with issues like artificiality of fruits and vegetables, a sense of insecurity about the quality of raw material we use and above all the impending fright of increase in [...]