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“It is important to think big, take baby steps every day, because that’s how you can achieve anything in life. Consistency is the key”. Arjun Gupta, Founder of Kragbuzz in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media.

A Little about the Founder

Arjun Gupta completed his high schooling from Modern School, Delhi and Graduation from Hansraj College,Delhi University. Being a professional cricket player, he has represented Delhi at the Ranji Trophy Level and has played professional Cricket in South Africa, UK & UAE. Now he is a young and budding entrepreneur who is generating employment opportunities for different segments of people and trying to develop a niche in the Sports Industry with his venture. Kragbuzz is an India based Global brand that produces customized sportswear at a very affordable pricing structure.
In an interview with startup story media, he shared his journey and idea behind Kragbuzz. Arjun talked about his first experience of outsourcing and delivering sports clothing for his friend while he was playing professional cricket in 2015. He started his journey with sourcing, and now, five years down the lane, he has managed to be under the top 35 manufacturers of the world recognised by International Cricket Council (ICC) that produces customized sportswear.

Arjun with his wife

Journey of Kragbuzz

Arjun recalls that after delivering the first order in 2015, while he was shaping his career in cricket, he received an order again, and that’s when he conceived the idea of providing customized sportswear as he saw a gap in the market. He explained the idea to his father Mr.Rajesh Gupta (a successful businessman and a Sportsman himself), who further motivated him to keep doing what he believed in. Since he was determined to continue his idea, he even went to Shyam Tex Exports, Faridabad in order to understand the entire process of manufacturing through a two-week training.
For about two years, he managed to deliver orders while he was playing professional cricket. Slowly and steadily, he started receiving orders from schools and clubs as well. He spent quite a good time understanding the intricacies of the business. Before setting up his own manufacturing unit, he used to source the products from different vendors to complete the deliveries.
When he was asked what made him launch Kragbuzz, he shared the incident when one of the vendors ditched him at the very last moment, and that’s when he told his father that he wants to have his own factory so that deliveries could be made on time and quality can be maintained. Thus, in 2018, he launched Kragbuzz with a very small setup and very few machines.
He explained how initially, he used to outsource the designing and printing facilities. Now, in the year 2021, he owns a factory with approximately 80 machines with a monthly production of 25000 pieces. All the printing, designing, Embroidery and Stitching is done in-house, which generates employment opportunities as well.

Brand Name – Kragbuzz

Kragbuzz is derived from an Afrikaan word “Krag” which means Strength and focus and their Tag lines are #WinInStyle and Create.Conquer. After a very extensive research for more than three months, Arjun came up with this brand name which he thought was very unique and different.
What Makes Kragbuzz Unique?
Kragbuzz is one of the few international sports brands that produces customized clothing. They allow the customers to choose the design, color, pattern so they can have personalized sportswear. Unlike other brands, they do not have a MOQ (minimum order quantity); therefore, they happily serve the customers who order one piece and who order 10000 pieces.
Arjun being the founder of the company, likes to provide freedom to his subordinates so that they can come up with their creativity and ideas. He believes that this leadership approach has enabled the brand to grow faster in a very short span of time.


When asked about the challenges, Arjun says that, since it is a brand where you can get customized sportswear and bags, customers sometimes get very particular about the details. Also Due to COVID-19, it has become quite a task to find skilled workers who can understand the needs and requirements of the customers, and that’s why production becomes a bit challenging.
As they have maintained a wide range of options to choose from, which includes 37 different colors and more than 15 various fabrics, it becomes difficult to make the customers understand and also manage the inventory. But to increase productivity, they are coming up with automated processes to help through the production stage and to serve their customers better.
Accolades of Kragbuzz:
Kragbuzz is the only brand in India that produces Sports Garments, Headwear (Caps & Hats) and Bags In-House. They have collaborated with different associations nationally and internationally, to name a few; they have partnered with Delhi Cricket Association, Puducherry Cricket Association, Sharjah Cricket Council, ICC Academy, UAE Cricket,Malta Cricket Association and many more. Kragbuzz recently got approval from the International Cricket Council (ICC), and the company is now under the top-thirty five manufacturers’ list in the entire world for cricket clothing. Without having any investors, Arjun has managed to grow the brand on its own with his father Mr.Rajesh Gupta’s help, assistance and guidance.

The Road Ahead

Arjun felt extremely proud while sharing their future plans with us. He told us that they are in the process of expanding their business as they are all set to open their retail store in Noida, India. As the brand is receiving great response from international clients, they will be opening their stores in Europe and Sharjah soon.
The company is planning to expertise in sports bags and caps as these are two significant accessories when it comes to sports.
Arjun’s wife Lakshita Gupta is heading the Online and E-commerce business for Kragbuzz and As of now, you can find the brand on Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho; due to their popularity, they are planning to expand their online presence on Myntra, Ajio,Udaan and Tata Cliq and start selling on different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Arjun shared that the E-commerce store of Kragbuzz is going to launch soon. He also confirmed that they are planning to collaborate with international cricket teams and associations, and they are planning to convert their business into a franchise model and enter the Retail Sector also very soon.

Founders message

Message to All the Young Entrepreneurs

“It is important to think big and start slowly to understand the entire process of anything. Take baby steps every day because that’s how you can achieve anything in life. Make sure that you do not compare your journey with others. Be consistent,confident and creative in whatever you pursue”. – Arjun Gupta


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