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“If you thought about something productive which can help you and others as well, you must execute it”- Anmol Bartaria, Founder, Bunkmates in an engaging and exclusive interview with Startup Story Media.


Shifting to a new place or city accompanies a major concern of finding an accommodation. Similarly upon asking the story behind Bunkmates, Anmol Bartaria, an entrepreneur who is now practicing lawyer came up with the similar problem when he shifted to Bombay in the year 2013 for studying law. Even after finding an apartment Anmol had to pay a lot of brokerage and he got acquainted that it is a common problem which most of his friends were also facing who came from different parts of the country. This ignited in him to come up with an idea which can solve this problem and they began with an Instagram page and named it as “Bunkmates”. They started advertising flats for rents which were free of any kind of hastles and soon Bunkmates had started to gain large clientele.


Upon asking Anmol why he chose entrepreneurship over any other career in an exclusive interview by Startup Story Media, Anmol stated that “I had no prior idea of making a career into this field but as Bombay is a city of opportunities, soon things moulded providing wider arena of exploration and experimentation and we hated missing any opportunities”.

Anmol added that he is now a full time practising lawyer and that the entire digital set-up of Bunkmates is managed by a team of 7 to 8 people including students and interns.


“Organizing a digital talking platform to provide best comfort and service to our clients”- Anmol Bartaria

Bunkmates is a team of six individuals who help to operate over two segments, operating with high quality apartments at affordable costs and providing moving and packaging services across Mumbai,Pune,Delhi,Hyderabad and Bangalore.

With the initiation of lockdown Bunkmates came up with their new dimension by adding packing and moving along with renting flats in Bombay. After few surveys and reviews they started promoting their new addition and currently they are providing this service of packing and moving in 4 to 5 cities in India including Bombay, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. Bunkmates will soon be introducing a segment where a review based online service will be provided by using various vendors to provide packing and moving services in all cities of India..

In the course of the interview with Startup Story Media Anmol added that their success over these years is not only because of the quality they deliver, but also due to their collective attitude, goal-oriented approach and taking the burden off their client’s shoulder with utmost transparency where they have strived to provide a 24-hours client servicing.

The traditional players in the circuit usually functioned over offline or website services but Bunkmates wanted to take a customer-to-service route and Instagram was the preferred tool as well as the platform. Digitalisation involves many challenges but Anmol and team have made transparency their core value where enabling the customer to track movement sets them apart.


Upon asking Anmol how Bunkmates is managing the stress and the pressure which is coming along their way in an exclusive interview organized by Startup Story Media, he said that with a team of 6 to 7 people, responsibilities and works have been divided accordingly with members solely working on the marketing strategy and members to take care of the entire contents, graphics and online contents of the organization to members who work on ground.


When asked about the challenges that Anmol faced during the journey of his startup, he said that the lockdown itself was the biggest challenge, they felt vulnerable and didn’t know what to do. But as Anmol added “If you thought about something productive which can help you and other people as well, you must execute it”. He applied this similar thinking process of Execution during this period and this in turn helped them to grow both personally and professionally. Soon, Bunkmates emerged as the youngest player in the game that grew exponentially, providing packing and moving services across Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi.


Bunkmates is currently an internally funded startup but they are looking for and are in talks with few people who are willing to invest and take this project ahead.


Bunkmates got wonderful reviews till now from their customers. And till date they got orders from people residing across these cities as well as a few corporates and colleges namely IIT Bombay, TCS and from many more reputed places. Bunkmates with utmost care have delivered their luggages and important documents safely to their respective doorsteps and thus gradually their customers are gaining trust and in turn, supporting their organization.

“We are trying to make Bunkmates a more review based platform where our customers review things and then our clients can take the further services.”-

Anmol Bartaria added during the interview session with Startup Story Media.



“If you have something in your mind which you think is good, go for it”- Anmol Bartaria

Upon asking Anmol Bartaria for some advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs he mentioned that firstly the budding entrepreneurs must have an honest attitude. According to him, without honesty one cannot run any business in the long run. Secondly, he advised that if some idea is revolving in your idea and your gut says it is going to add some value in the market and for the people primarily, then one should go for it without thinking much about the end result. He added that even if it doesn’t work then also there is no loss in it as one can always learn from their failure and can definitely come up with something much better.


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