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Taxolawgy | Providing A Global Platform To Freelancers

“There are two kinds of people – one who wants to work in big organisations and one who wants to make their organisation big.” – Divya Varma, Co-Founder and COO, Taxolawgy

Taxolawgy is basically an aggregator platform and we are competing on an international level with freelancer.com and Upwork and right now we are getting amazing results,” says Divya Varma in a conversation with Startup Story Media about starting her own venture with Taxolawgy.

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Making people self-reliant

Divya tells Startup Story Media that they always wanted to do something around the gig-economy. Gig economy, as many of you might already know, is a free-market space where people work mostly for short-time commitments.

Divya, who considers herself a very business minded person, had always wanted to start something of her own. With a degree in BCCA, she had been doing her CA when she came up with the idea of a freelance platform. When she shared this idea with her then mentor Farooq Haque, he immediately agreed to it. Divya dropped out of her final year in CA and along with Mr Haque started this platform – Taxolawgy.

She tells us, “We came up with this idea of working something with gig-economy because it’s coming up very fast and it is something which will make people self reliant. So then we came up with a freelance platform called Taxolawgy. We were satisfied with that idea that yes it can be very big and will certainly add value to people out there.”

A boon for freelancers

Taxolawgy, which is currently competing on an international level with other platforms like Freelancer.com and Upwork, has established itself pretty well in the last one year. It has approximately 4000 experts from India, the US, Kenya and Philippines.

Divya tells Startup Story Media how starting Taxolawgy has always been her dream, something that could help a lot of people out there. “I never believed in being the small fish in a big pond. So I always wanted to contribute to my organisation, contribute to the people whom I’m working with. I wanted to come up with something really beautiful that can be useful for everybody out there.”

She explains in more detail why a platform like Taxolawgy is useful for everyone, “India is the hub for legal process outsourcing. Right now most of this work is going to big organisations. Indian experts are very well-equipped and very well  talented to take the work in their hands. But right now there is no platform that can connect them with these firms. And although there are corporations who hire people and give them salary for this kind of work, if this kind of pandemic hits again, then that is going to be a problem for people in individual capacity. It will really be a great thing if these employees can handle their own things. And that’s what our platform provides them.”

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Giving the best user experience

Divya tells Startup Story Media that they believe in providing excellent services and 24×7 customer support is always available.

Divya tells us how easy it is to use Taxolawgy as the website itself is beautifully made and no one would need any guidance on how to use it. “So if anyone needs a particular service, they can go online and post your requirements and a certain number of people will respond as per your budget. You can chat to them, you can call them and once you both have agreed, you can go further with prior information and you can make a contract and agreement online in the portal itself. And if your work is completed, only then you have to release your amount. Unless your work is done, your money is safe with the portal,” she says.

Divya says that they had their share of challenges in the beginning, especially about creating awareness about a platform like theirs. She explains, “Our first concern was how are we going to build our website, we did a hell lot of research. We contacted almost 200 companies, then we interviewed many companies and gained knowledge. And it was also a challenge about how we are going to get experts onboard, but LinkedIn has been an amazing platform from where we got a huge crowd of experts for our portal.”

Divya Verma founder taxolawgy

A message for young entrepreneurs

When we asked her what key leadership traits a new entrepreneur must have, Divya tells Startup Story Media that as a leader, you have to be their friend first and develop an understanding of how things work for them in different conditions.

She says, “Sometimes people think if you put pressure on your employees and scare them with termination notice, they will work hard. I don’t think that works. What I found is that if I keep them happy and lively, their creativity increases and their loyalty towards organisation increases. It’s your duty as a leader to motivate them.”

As a final message to young entrepreneurs, Divya says that research and patience are the key aspects of any business. “Patience is really the key. Apart from that, from technical aspects, I would say, validate your idea before you put your money on it. Research is the most important thing in startups. Research as much as you can. It will tell you more and more about your work. Take more time in planning and strategy making than implementation. It will save a lot of time too. Appreciate and invite critique for your idea. Don’t hesitate from taking advice from domain experts and take care of legal aspects as well.”

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