Media Coverage & Press Releases

12/10/2020:- Startup story media launches its media coverage services. Main aim of this media coverage service is to provide core values from the journeys of successful entrepreneurs in a very interesting storytelling format, that would help a whole new generation of young entrepreneurs and risk takers to take inspiration and carry forward The legacy, and ultimately be self dependent individuals providing support to Nations economy in all spheres.
Startup story media always focuses on bringing out valued content in the world of entrepreneurship and this media coverage section would be a first step in this regards. Startup story media has planned to cover all creative startups and individuals who are presenting out valuable and creative solutions in the community. In this series we have already covered few startups which are having great vision and scope and soon will be thriving on great scales.
Procedure to reach startup story media for getting startup featured would be via our social handles and website both. The startup can submit their ideas and relevant information and our team would be getting back on evaluation of the concept done by the research team.