Awakinn | A Coding Platform for College Students To Gain Experience with Pay after getting a job of minimum ₹6 LPA

All the coding enthusiasts open your eyes up wide. All the hackathon fanatics turn up the brightness of your devices because you surely are going to want to know about this amazing venture that gives you a tech-supported learning environment and helps you learn by working on live projects and by solving real-time problems, so that you can become a “Fresher With Experience”.

And not just that, they also train you to develop a personality that will make you stand out right from the start. Yes, you read that right!

“Failure Precedes Success.” This is a very widely known as well as a majorly accepted concept. Many CEOs of many companies with hefty turnovers would tell you this. Especially in the cases of start-ups this in fact is true. The more you fail the more you know what is it that you shouldn’t do the next time for the things to work out right.

With this, let me tell you about a start-up that was built by three failed engineers, having their fair share of ups and downs from different life experiences, and yet found a way to build something substantial.

Engineers, Entrepreneurship and Awakinn

Manit Rathore, an IT engineer, started his first venture in 3rd year of his graduation. Moving from one start-up to another, he met Shubham Aggarwal, his batchmate and a good friend.

Shubham Aggarwal, a mechanical engineer, left his Hitachi’s day job to follow his passion. With his zeal to learn, he developed his skills and entered the software engineering domain.

Luckily, when both were working in a start-up named Groctaurant, Manit as VP Technology & Shubham as Senior Software Developer, they came up with the idea to do something for people who want to pursue their passion in computer programming but weren’t able to due to lack of exposure and skillset.

And that was the inception of Awakinn.

Team Awakinn Hub
Team Awakinn Hub

A month later, the third engineer swooped in: Raman Thukral, carrying his love for filmmaking in his heart. Completely awestruck by the ingenuity of the idea, he joined Manit & Shubham, and thus, began the journey of formation of Awakinn, with a motto to scrape the problem of students straight out of college having no experience with the main focus on building of skills.

A Platform For College Students To Gain Experience

They thought of building up a platform for college going engineering students that provided an environment that fostered their interests and converted them into expertise and ultimately helped in transforming them into well-skilled individuals that the industry would die to hire.

With a handful of truly diligent team members, in March 2019, they started up with Awakinn Hub in Faridabad.

It’s fairly obvious how apart from internships students don’t get to have a live working experience in colleges. Despite having put immense energy and effort in front of computers and boards of classrooms, students observe that most learning that’s happening is more theoretical in nature.

College Study Vs. Understanding The Concepts

And after having completed 4 years of uninteresting hours of studying, students realize there isn’t much that they can actually do that would come in handy in the industry, because of all that’s taught in the classes, only 10% is applicable in the corporate realm.

This is one of the prime reasons why most Indian Engineers are incompetent when it comes to grabbing jobs. Because recruiters don’t intend on wasting the time and resources of the company on providing relevant experience to a candidate. They seek already skilled individuals who can plunge in and help the company grow.


Awakinn Hub’s Office

Awakinn’s Effort Towards Changing The Status Quo of Education

That is what Awakinn Hub is hoping to change. They want to ensure that their students learn things in a way that once they’re in the corporate world they are already familiar with the working nature. The employer would be surprised by the kind of skills they possess despite being a “fresher”, because Awakinn provides “Professional Experience” to students while they are in college.

The students at Awakinn are called “Members” and are given regular industry-oriented work projects and tasks. They are basically provided a company like ambiance in order to harness their potential. The members learn by working on real-time projects under professional guidance from IT guys working in reputed firms, ranging from Amazon, Flipkart to Zomato and Google.

“If it’s related to technology, we can definitely help you master it”, says Raman Thukral. Python, Java, ML, AI, VR, GoLang, Android development, PHP, Pearl..the list is unending.

Awakinn’s Star Students

The prime examples of Awakinn’s powers are the two star members: Tanushree & Chirag Soni, who’ve made Awakinn real proud. Having acquainted with numerous technologies in just the 2nd year of their engineering, the two bagged jobs during the pandemic at “Bharat Shramik”, an app developed by Akshat Mittal that connects COVID-19 affected migrants with prospective jobs.

Awakinn Hub’s members discussing

It wasn’t a cake walk for the three engineers to keep walking the path they strived for. They faced issues with capital and funding, but soon turned it around because they got students to believe in them. They ensured the students that once they became a part of their team they’d see an evident growth.

The word of mouth worked really well for them and a chain of students came aboard. Now, they have a striking number of 30+ members who are ready to set new records.

Learn Now and Pay after getting a job of minimum ₹6 LPA

Fulfilling dreams isn’t easy as no path comes with zero hurdles. At Awakinn, we intend to make this path as smooth as possible.

Since the core value of Awakinn is being the ladder for people facing hurdles in accomplishing their dream, the intent behind this is to lift off the pressure of submitting the fees and rather use the necessary focus and time on developing key skills.

And to do so, Awakinn is introducing its Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) model. Under this model, a student can learn and gain industry experience in coding for 18-24 months with lifetime placement support without thinking about paying the tuition fee during the learning period and pay after getting a job minimum of ₹6 LPA.

This will not only be beneficial to the students, but to the parents as well. With this parents don’t have to worry about the Awakinn’s membership fees and can lend the necessary support to their children.

A Great Set of Mentors is The Key

Awakinn happens to have a bright team of mentors from famous organizations like Zomato, ShareChat, Epsilon, FreeCharge, Vinove, UrbanClap, Vuja De, and Gemini Solutions who are all set to help their students reach new heights.

Lastly, do not confuse Awakinn with the coaching centers because, they are not that at all. From your soft skills to hard skills, everything here, is fostered in a very comfortable and nurturing environment.

They are “Experience Providers”. They’ll brush-up your technical skills and train you to build a solid personality that people will find hard to resist.

From practical learning to interpersonal lessons to the right kind of guidance, you can undoubtedly count on Awakinn to make a very presentable yet technologically skilled individual out of you.

Awakinn Hub’s Start-up Tip

“No one knows what works and what not. It’s all about fearlessly believing in your cause.” “In the face of doubt, never get demotivated or disappointed with what’s happening. Get up and keep trying. Try to find What you want to do and more importantly Why you want to do it because if you know the answer to that, you’ll never go astray from the right path.” ]


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