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Marketpreneur founder simran bhatia with startup story media

Marketpreneur | Next Door Marketing Guide

“If there is willingness to start something of one’s own then one must pull themselves up without comparing their journey with others because everyone has their own.”-Simran Bhatia, Founder of Marketpreneur in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media. Completing graduation in Applied Psychology and Research Methodology, Simran got her first job in a financial [...]

Corner shop corporate store AMPM raises Rs 1.6 Cr through Agility Venture Partners

The AMPM stores give Indian and worldwide items across classes like staple, pastry kitchen, dessert shop, writing material, drug store, and F&B (food and drinks) Haryana-based general store startup AMPM, which means to be India’s solution to Japan’s 7-Eleven, on Tuesday declared that it has brought Rs 1.6 crore up in financing through Agility Venture […]