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“A unique platform to promote the budding entrepreneurs with Innovative Ideas , through storytelling, Video Interview, and a podcast series.

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Being a brand consultancy and business coaching platform, Startup Story Media helps you learn from the lives of those who have made it big despite overwhelming odds. Take an inspirational dip in these events and stories and educate yourself through our services – live interviews, podcast series and a startup news bulletin.

Know about the unheard and extraordinary journey of successful entrepreneurs in our live interviews.

What are the common challenges that almost every entrepreneur has to face in the beginning? What was the next step that they took? What takes an idea to become a reality? These things are far better explored in someone’s real-life experience than in books. We have designed this initiative to help you explore how to tackle an unpredictable situation and choose unconventional paths.


Beginnings are the hardest part of a startup- the challenges you face as a newcomer can be overwhelming. But why should that stop you from breaking the stereotypes associated with budding startups? Development doesn’t have to be conventional – it has to be innovative. Explore new and relevant content with us to grow and then outgrow.


Startup Story Media uses effective business strategy and content creation to make sure your business grows. Give up your stress about what to do next and let us take the responsibility – we know how to be flexible. From creating a custom team of freelancers to becoming an extension of your in-house team, we can take an entire project off your hands!



A successful serial entrepreneur, who is at the helm of various successful startups and enterprises, he skilled professional with unparalleled business acumen and marketing skills, with 11+ years of industry experience. Constantly seen as a people’s person and leader with a strong grasp in the field of marketing, business consultation and coaching, he possesses a first-hand experience about the current startup scenario and a deep understanding of today’s market.


A budding entrepreneur with excellent team management and ground breaking sales and marketing skills. He is a patient observer and strong decision maker. Being a student of an elite technological institute (IIT Dhanbad) he always implements research backed methodologies. He is a tech-savvy expert best known for his business analytics skills. He’s a strategic planer with visionary leadership. He always comes up with innovative and creative solutions to the challenging problems and takes them as learning opportunity, and above all he is a enthusiastic knowledge seeker and a constant learner.